Hyundai’s most popular SUV Creta EV will soon spread its charm, with great range and strong look, countdown to Nexon EV starts

Hyundai’s most popular SUV Creta EV will soon spread its charm, countdown to Nexon EV with great range and strong look. Tata Motors currently has complete control over the electric car market. Especially Tata’s compact SUV Tata Nexon EV. The car is very popular among the people due to its safety ranking, features and design. However, now Hyundai is going to launch the electric variant of its most popular SUV in the market to compete with the Nexon. Recently, along with its interior, some specifications have also been leaked on the internet. Ever since they came to the fore, it is being speculated that the countdown for the Nexon EV may begin now. Let’s know about it…

Electric variant of Hyundai Creta will come soon

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The electric variant of Hyundai Creta is almost ready and is being tested. It is believed that the production variant of Creta Electric will be revealed by 2025 and it will be launched soon after that. Some pictures of its interior have been leaked on the internet. However, when the production model comes in front, some changes can be seen in it. Let us know in detail what special features you will get in Creta Electric.

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Creta EV more than 450 kms in single charge will work

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Regarding the electric Creta, it is believed that a 100 kW motor can be given in the car, which will get power from a 39.2 kW battery pack. It will be built on the Kona EV platform only. In such a situation, it is believed that the range of the car will also be very good. The range of Creta EV can be more than 450 kilometers in a single charge. During the testing of this new model, its spy shots have been clicked many times.

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Hyundai Creta Electric look and changes

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The interior of the electric Creta car has been changed a lot. It has been given a digital instrument cluster. However, in terms of infotainment, its screen looks a bit smaller than its IEC model. At the same time, a rotary knob has been used to change the drive mode in place of the gear selector. Although this is because it is a prototype model and a lot of changes can be seen in it. The company has not released any information about the specifications of Creta EV (Hyundai Creta Electric).

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