Hyundai HB20 6 Airbags Scores 3 Star Safety

Hyundai HB20 6 Airbags
Hyundai HB20 6 Airbags crash test

Latest Latin NCAP score is an improvement for Hyundai HB20, as the model tested in 2020 had received zero-star rating

While it is approximately the same size as i20, Hyundai HB20 is a completely different car. HB20 has been developed and manufactured exclusively for Brazil. However, it is exported to Latin American countries such as Paraguay, Uruguay and Mexico. The new 2024 Hyundai HB20 has upgraded safety features. One of the major changes is that 6-airbags are now standard with all variants. This has helped Hyundai HB20 2024 to improve its crash test rating in Latin NCAP.

Hyundai HB20 2024 Latin NCAP results – Adult safety

As determined by Latin NCAP, earlier versions of Hyundai HB20 hadn’t performed as per expectations in the crash tests. The 2-airbag version tested in 2020 had received zero stars. The 2019 model with 2 airbags had received 1-star in adult safety and 3-stars in child safety. In the latest crash test done in September 2023, Hyundai HB20 has received an overall rating of 3-stars.

Hyundai HB20 6 Airbags
Hyundai HB20 6 Airbags

2024 HB20 model that was tested has standard safety features such as frontal airbag, side head curtain airbag, side chest airbag, belt pretensioner, belt load limiter, seat belt reminder, ESC and speed assist system. Few points were cut, as some of the safety features are optional with 2024 HB20.

In adult safety, 2024 Hyundai HB20 scored 68%. The tests included frontal impact, side impact, side pole impact and whiplash. Weak areas were noted for driver’s chest, whereas other parameters varied from poor to good. The footwell area was found to be unstable. The bodyshell was unstable too and did not have the capacity to take further load.

Hyundai HB20 2024 Latin NCAP results – child safety

Hyundai HB20 2024 performed relatively better in child safety. It received a score of 75%. The child seat was installed rearward facing with ISOFIX anchorages and support leg. Most of the parameters were rated as good.

In pedestrian protection (passive), 2024 HB20 scored 34%. The hatch does not appear to meet Pedestrian protection UN127 regulations. Most of the head impact surfaces were rated between marginal and adequate. However, areas near the windshield and A-pillar had poor protection. Upper leg protection was rated between poor and marginal whereas lower leg performance was weak and marginal. In safety assist systems, 2024 Hyundai HB20 scored 65%. Hopefully, improved safety ratings of new 2024 Hyundai HB20 will bolster consumer confidence in the hatch.

In Brazilian market, Hyundai HB20 takes on rivals such as Chevrolet Onix and Volkswagen Polo Track. Chevrolet Onix with 6-airbags tested in November 2019 had received 5-star rating across both adult safety and child safety. However, it is yet to be tested as per new protocols.

VW Polo Track tested in December 2022 had 4-airbags. It received 3-star rating. Individual scores were 73% for adult safety, 71% for child safety, 51% for pedestrian protection and 58% for safety assist system.

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