Hyundai Creta, Alcazar Adventure Launched

Hyundai Creta, Alcazar Adventure Launched
Hyundai Creta, Alcazar Adventure Launched

Hyundai has launched Adventure editions of Creta and Alcazar. Prices start from Rs 15.17 lakh and goes all the way to Rs 21.23 lakh

Hyundai has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation and style with the launch of its striking ‘Adventure Edition‘ for the popular CRETA and ALCAZAR SUVs. Aimed at the intrepid souls who thrive on exploration and embrace the thrill of new experiences, the Adventure Edition exudes rugged charm, distinctive aesthetics, and an array of adventure-centric features.

At first glance, the Adventure Edition captivates with its rugged exterior design, which exudes an unmistakable road presence. The introduction of the all-new Ranger Khaki colour pays homage to the spirit of wanderlust that defines Hyundai’s SUVs in India. This hue encapsulates the essence of adventure, encouraging drivers to venture beyond the ordinary.

Hyundai Creta, Alcazar Adventure Launched
Hyundai Creta, Alcazar Adventure Launched

Hyundai Creta Adventure, Alcazar Adventure – Prices

The Hyundai Alcazar Adventure Edition offers an exciting lineup of options, each tailored to suit different preferences and driving styles. The 1.5T MT Platinum AE petrol comes in at a price of INR 19,03,600, delivering a blend of performance and sophistication. For those seeking even more seamless shifts, the Alcazar 1.5T DCT Signature(O) AE petrol, priced at INR 20,63,600, offers a luxurious driving experience.

On the diesel front, the Alcazar 1.5 MT Platinum AE presents a robust option, priced at INR 19,99,800. If automatic convenience is a priority, the Alcazar 1.5 AT Signature(O) AE diesel, available at INR 21,23,500, brings together power and refinement in one package.

Hyundai Creta, Alcazar Adventure Launched
Hyundai Creta, Alcazar Adventure Launched

Meanwhile, the Hyundai Creta Adventure Edition showcases its prowess with the 1.5 MPi MT SX AE petrol, priced at INR 15,17,000, offering a versatile and spirited driving experience. For those desiring an elevated level of features, the Creta 1.5 MPi IVT SX(O) AE petrol, priced at INR 17,89,400, presents an option that seamlessly blends technology and comfort.

Creta Adventure Edition Dashcam
Creta Adventure Edition Dashcam

21 unique features including:

• Dashcam with Dual Camera
• Rugged Door Cladding
• 3D Designer Adventure Mats
• Adventure Emblem on fender
• Sporty Metal Pedals
• Black front grille with Hyundai Logo
• Dark Chrome rear Hyundai Logo
• Dark Chrome CRETA & ALCAZAR Lettering
• Black Skid Plate (Front & Rear) & Black Side Sill
• Black Roof Rails & Shark-fin Antenna
• Black fog lamp garnish (ALCAZAR)
• Black ORVM
• Body colored Door Handle & Black C-Pillar Garnish (CRETA)
• Black Tailgate Garnish (ALCAZAR)
• Black painted Alloy Wheels

Inside the New Hyundai Adventure Edition SUVs

Stepping inside, the interior of the Adventure Edition is a testament to Hyundai’s commitment to detail. The all-black cabin is adorned with tasteful Sage Green inserts, reminiscent of lush mountain landscapes. The unique Adventure Edition seats are a visual masterpiece, further reinforcing the connection to nature and the great outdoors.

Interiors of Creta / Alcazar Adventure Edition
Interiors of Creta / Alcazar Adventure Edition

What truly sets the Adventure Edition apart is the carefully curated suite of adventure-focused features. Enabling explorers to capture their journeys is a Dashcam, which records every twist and turn of the road. Rugged door cladding and 3D designer adventure mats ensure that the vehicle can handle the demands of off-road escapades while maintaining its pristine look. The Adventure Emblem proudly displays the spirit of exploration, and sporty metal pedals add a touch of dynamism to the driving experience.

The allure of the Adventure Edition is not confined to its interior and design; it extends to the very heart of the vehicle. Sporty Black Alloy Wheels, accented with striking red brake calipers, amplify the rugged appeal of the SUV. Black treatments adorn various exterior elements, including the grille, roof rails, skid plates, shark-fin antenna, and C-pillar garnish, creating a harmonious blend of strength and style.

Interiors of Creta / Alcazar Adventure Edition
Interiors of Creta / Alcazar Adventure Edition

Engine options

The CRETA Adventure Edition is available for enthusiasts in the 1.5-liter Petrol MT (SX Trim) and 1.5-liter Petrol IVT (SX(O) Trim) variants. For ALCAZAR aficionados, the Adventure Edition can be enjoyed in the 1.5-liter Turbo GDi Petrol 7-Seater variant (Platinum with 6MT & Signature (O) with 7DCT), as well as the 1.5-liter Diesel 7-Seater variant (Platinum with 6MT & Signature (O) with 6AT). This comprehensive range ensures that every adventurer’s preferences are catered to.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Tarun Garg, Chief Operating Officer, Hyundai Motor India Ltd. said, “In India, Hyundai has become synonymous with the word SUV! Our SUV portfolio today is one of the widest in the industry and with the launch of EXTER making us a full range SUV maker, we are democratizing the Hyundai SUV life for one and all. Today, our SUVs kindle the spirit of adventure and wanderlust, exceeding the aspirations of our customers and fueling their lifestyle goals. The pursuit of epitomizing these aspirations gave rise to the creation of Adventure Edition that augments the go-anywhere DNA of our SUVs. Now, we are delighted to introduce this special edition for our most loved SUVs -CRETA and ALCAZAR.”

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