HTC’s next flagship smartphone to launch on June 28

HTC, a Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, is re-entering the market with a new device. HTC’s next flagship smartphone, according to reports, will be released on June 28. Be aware of what will be unique in the phone.

HTC, a Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer, is re-entering the market with a new device.

According to reports, HTC’s next flagship smartphone will be released on June 28th, and it will focus on the’metaverse,’ a popular buzzword in the tech world today.

This smartphone, dubbed HTC Viverse, will be released later this month in the company’s home market of Taiwan.

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What makes HTC’s next flagship smartphone unique?

  • Not much information about HTC’s next flagship smartphone has been released as of yet.

However, if reports are to be believed, the device will be primarily used for augmented and virtual reality.

HTC’s virtual reality headset and platform, Vive, appears to be known as ‘Viverse.’

HTC’s Vive products have become one of the most prominent players in both consumer and enterprise virtual reality since it exited its thriving smartphone business.

Given that the Metaverse concept is gaining traction and being developed in a variety of ways, it might be interesting to see what HTC has in common with phones designed for AR/VR. Can bring something unique

  • For example, HTC can provide full-featured VR headsets that run on the phone’s computing power, allowing them to be used without a PC.

If VR and AR apps are built around smartphones, this could give them a lot of mobility.

HTC Phone
HTC Phone

HTC has been around for almost four years

Exodus 1, the company’s flagship smartphone, was released in 2018 with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip, making it the last flagship-grade device.

Even though it still has some mid-range offerings, the company has largely abandoned the smartphone market.

HTC was also an experimental company that attempted to make ‘blockchain’ phones.

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