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How To Start Your Business On TikTok in Four Ways


Do you have a business, and you are wondering how you can build it on TikTok? In this article, you will discover four simple ways you can use to build your online business empire using the famoid TikTok followers. TikTok is a new trend on social media platforms with over 1.5 billion downloads on google play and App Store. The monthly users on TikTok are more than 500 million. TikTok has user-recorded videos that range between 15 to 60 seconds. It also allows in-app editing and integration with other social players. Since its inception, the largest demographic group using it ranges between 16 to 25 years in age. If you have your business ready, use these four tricks to get started.

Make your content on TikTok

If your business brand is not famous, you can still use TikTok to market it well. All you need is to plan great content and follow these practices. And, of course buying likes and followers from a reliable platform also helps.

Work on authenticity

Many social media users can’t afford to buy expensive cameras. They also can’t buy other expensive production equipment. They use their phones to create authentic content. If you reveal your brand’s true personality, users will feel connected and relate to you. It builds their trust.

Use the magic ingredients

Children and pets are two magic ingredients that help TikTok content to go viral. Most TikTok users are young people. It makes it easy for entertaining and humorous videos to be helpful. If you have an office pet or a mascot, then include it in your content. You can also consider having a young person take you through the hashtag challenge dance and film it.

Remember that TikTok is not a place for squeaky clean first impressions with fake smiles. TikTok is a place for fun, humor, and authentic entertainment.

Make your spin

Don’t struggle to come up with unique and new content ideas for TikTok. Be part of the hashtag challenges or the trending songs and dances. If you get any trend in your niche about anything, show your own too. Your unique personality and brand story will make you different. Don’t shy the other people in the same niche.

Create your first video

If your video is ready, tap on the black plus button located at the bottom of the screen. TikTok asks for permission to access your photos, microphone, and camera. A red recording circle will appear on your screen that will allow you to start the recording. You can now start making your own.

Add effects and music

TikTok has many unique music, features, and effects to add to the video. Many users make lip-sync videos using the to mouth popular songs. It’s a form of making your video. To add a song to a video, tap on the sounds button at the top of your recording screen.

Share the video

When adding effects and music to your recorded video, use the red circle with the white checkmark. It’s at the bottom right side of the screen, and tap on the Next button. Type the video description, hashtags, links, tag friends, decide who to see the video, and save it in an album.

Curate and share user-generated content

It would help if you had creativity and real thoughts to create to deliver on the premise. You need to plan your content to get the best returns from your efforts.

Develop the influencer created TikTok content

Like any other platform, you have to expand your reach. The more followers you have, the more expensive you are as an influencer. You can link with TikTok influencers and build a working relationship with them. If you are in the beauty accessories field, don’t link with the video game influencers. Narrow down to influencers in your niche. Connect with influencers with personalities that align with your brand’s values. Frauds are all over the internet. Be keen and intelligent with any contract you sign with any influencer. Make sure you make things clear before you start working together.

TikTok has four means that you can use to pay for ads within the app.

  1. Brand takeovers. They appear in users’ fields before they see any other content. They are in different categories and linkable to your landing page.
  2. Native ads. They are the video ads between user content.
  3. The sponsored hashtag challenges. Pay to sponsor hashtag challenges and get custom banners on the discover page.
  4. Branded lenses. Make TikTok filters related to your business. Users will select them when making their videos.


It’s good to understand well the TikTok platform. The good thing is that it’s here to stay and so you will have fun as you make money. Please bring your business online into TikTok. You will enjoy the great benefits that result from it.

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