How To Make Goan Chicken Croquettes? This Fried Snack Is Perfect For A Weekend Binge

We all like indulging ourselves in some way during the weekend. After all the stress and exhaustion of weekdays, we are left craving relaxation and enjoyment. And what better way to improve our mood than by eating yummy snacks? There is something intrinsically comforting about deep-fried food. Whether it’s samosas, French fries or doughnuts – fried snacks are always something to look forward to! This weekend, we bring you another idea for a binge-worthy snack: Goan Chicken Croquettes. These are brown long cylindrical cutlets, which can be eaten plain or sandwiched between bread rolls. They are the perfect finger food for parties or a leisurely evening at home with family.
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Croquettes are famous in many countries around the world, and their fillings vary from region to region. The word “croquette” is believed to come from the French word “croquer,” meaning “to crunch” or “to bite.” In India, this snack is very popular in the state of Goa as well as in Goan communities elsewhere. Chicken croquettes are often served at get-togethers and small gatherings as a convenient yet tasty appetiser. Goan croquettes taste best when paired with sauce (tomato/chilli/schezwan), mint/garlic mayo or cheesy dip. They don’t require an oven or any fancy techniques – even beginners can quickly learn to cook them!
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How To Make Goan Croquettes At Home


Deep fried and lightly spicy, you should eat croquettes with a flavoured dip or a chilli-tomato sauce. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Before you start making the croquettes themselves, you need to prepare the spicy masala that lends them their distinctive flavour. To make the masala, you simply need to grind jeera, peppercorn, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, cardamom and dry red chillies. Next, in a kadhai, start making the chicken mixture. Stir-fry onions, green chillies, ginger garlic paste, tomatoes, and chicken pieces until halfway done. Add water, cover the vessel and let the mixture cook for 10 minutes on low flame. Once it has cooked and then been cooled, add the chicken and veggies to a blender and grind to form a coarse mixture. Transfer it into a bowl, and add bread, coriander leaves and the ground masala you had prepared earlier. Add eggs and mix the ingredients in the big bowl thoroughly. Shape the chicken mixture into short cylinders. Dip them into a whisked egg white and coat them with breadcrumbs to bind them well. Deep fry the croquettes until they turn brown.
Click here for the full recipe for Goan Chicken Croquettes
This lip-smacking appetiser takes less than an hour to make. It is a great choice for when you need to whip up a quick yet impressive snack.
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