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How to Get Optimal Performance From Your Netgear Router?


Is your Netgear router not giving its optimal performance? Can’t you stream your favorite videos without any lag? Well, if so, this article is going to help you. Here, we are going to list various tips that will help in enhancing the overall performance of your WiFi router and take your internet experience to the next level. Let’s get started.

Tips to Improve Netgear Router Performance 

  • Change Router Location 

Changing the location of your Netgear router may help you enhance its overall performance. While relocating the device, make sure you place it in the central area of your home as well as over a higher surface. 

Also, keep in mind to place your router far from the devices emitting radio waves. For instance, you can place your router far from things like microwave ovens, refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, fish tanks, other WiFi-enabled devices, etc.

  • Update Firmware 

Another thing you can try to get the best out of your Netgear router is to consider updating its firmware. You can update the firmware of your router, either using the web-based page of your router or with the help of the Netgear Nighthawk app for PC

Whatever option you choose for updating the firmware of your device, make sure you get it as per the model number of your router. Bear in mind that a wrong firmware update can make your router non-performing.

  • Change WiFi Channel

Possibly you are not able to make the most of your Netgear router because the channel you have set your device to is overcrowded. In such a situation, changing the WiFi channel of your device may help you in a big way. 

You are suggested to choose the channel for your router that is least used in your area. Else, your router will not perform the way you want.

  • Reset and Reconfigure 

Perhaps your router is not configured in a proper manner which is why you are not able to satisfy your internet needs. If so, you can perform Netgear router reset and again configure your router from scratch. 

Just in case you are not sure how to set up a Netgear router, below we have given the steps for your help:

  1. Connect your router to the modem with the help of an Ethernet cable. Make sure there is no cut in the cable that is being used by you. If you are not having access to an Ethernet cable, you can also establish the connection 
  1. Once done, power up the device and wait for the LED lights on it to turn green.
  1. Now, open a web browser on your PC and type in the address field. Make sure you choose a web browser that is updated with the latest software version. 
  1. Hitting the Enter key will redirect you to the login page of your router.
  1. This is the time you need to type your login details into the given fields.
  1. As soon as you enter your username and password into their respective fields, hit Log In.
  1. Completion of this step will take you to the dashboard of your router.
  1. Now, navigate to the settings of your device, follow on-screen prompts, and complete the setup process of your Netgear router.

These all are the steps that will help you optimize the performance of your Netgear router. Just in case, you still are seeing the buffering icon on your screen while streaming videos, doing the Netgear extender setup can save you. This will boost the signals coming from your router and allow you to enjoy seamless internet in every nook and cranny of your home. 

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