How to Ensure Your Appetite Suppressant Supplement Is Safe and Effective

In the nutrition industry, appetite suppressant supplements are generally viewed as quick-fix alternatives. Many people even consider them placebo remedies, and they will not dare use them. For some appetite suppressant supplements, these allegations may be true. No one wants to spend their time and cash on supplements that will not help them in the long run or those that may even come with adverse side effects that may compromise their health even further. For those individuals dealing with weight loss issues, here is how you can ensure that your appetite suppressant supplement is safe and effective:

Do the Appetite Suppressant Supplement Benefits Sound Exaggerated?

Most of the phony appetite suppressant supplement manufacturing companies will use some flowery language to persuade you. They will make highly unrealistic and unsubstantiated claims about the efficacy of the pills. Getting safe appetite suppressant pills needs research.

However, most of the reviews and testimonials you might come across on these phony websites are fabricated. You need to be skeptical. Phony reviews tend to have a weird rhythm to them. They will tell how people lost weight in impossible periods, usually a few days.

Avail the Supplement to Your Health Care Provider for Guidance

For those people who insist on over-the-counter appetite suppressant supplements, it is still wise to talk to your health care service provider first. This may be right before you make a purchase or during your routine health checkups. Weight gain issues are sometimes subjects that many people do not want to converse about. However, you must remember that your healthcare service provider is there to ensure that your body is okay on all levels.

Before you make an appetite suppressant supplement purchase, talk to your doctor about this issue. Also, let him or her know the products that you intend to purchase or use. The healthcare service provider is better placed to advise on the efficacy or safety of the appetite suppressant supplements.

He or she can quickly advise you on which ones will work for you or those that might react negatively to your body. He may also offer advice on dosage and the things to avoid consuming while taking those supplements.

Check If the Manufacturers Are Registered With Local Authorities

No phony appetite suppressant supplement manufacturer will want to be regulated by government bodies. Genuine manufacturers are required by law to avail their supplements for tests before they can be put on shelves. Chemists will then conduct complex tests on those supplements to know each and every chemical or compound present in those pills. If all the ingredients are safe, the chemists will offer guidance on their proportions. They will also make recommendations on the dosage depending on the ages or health conditions of those supposed to consume them. It is only after that that they will issue licenses to such manufacturers. Always go for those manufacturers with appropriate licenses to stay safe.

Ascertain That There Is No Product Contamination

The FDA is doing a great job of cracking down on manufacturers adding outlawed substances to their appetite suppressant supplements. When shopping for such supplements, please check the ingredients used. You will then conduct your independent research, checking that each ingredient listed has been proven safe or effective. It is also advisable that you check whether the certification of the company to manufacture drugs is credible. This assures you that the relevant authorities are regulating the quality of products emanating from them.

Recently Outlawed Appetite Suppressant Supplement Ingredients

·         Fluoxetine – This antidepressant drug is only supposed to be given under a prescription. However, most unregulated appetite suppressant supplements are offered over the counter, making this quite a dangerous gamble for those who choose to use these supplements.

·         Phenolphthalein – The FDA imposed a ban on this laxative after extensive studies showed that people who use this compound are more susceptible to developing cancerous tumors. The compound would also cause an imbalance in electrolyte levels in the blood owing to its effects of inducing diarrhea. A number of phony appetite suppressant supplement manufacturers still add this compound to their pills, thus endangering their consumers’ health

·         Furosemide – This is a compound that is illegally added to some appetite suppressant supplements. It is a diuretic, meaning that it induces urination. Excessive loss of fluids from the body is dangerous since dehydration could cause severe electrolyte imbalance in the bloodstream. Some appetite suppressant supplement manufacturers would use this compound in a bid to help people lose water weight.

·         Phenytoin – Though this compound is good at preventing seizures by suppressing brain impulses, its effect of inducing loss of appetite is detrimental to the liver. The compound is dangerous if introduced to appetite suppressant supplements.

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