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How to edit paper online easily: advice from reliable academic experts


How to make an essay or any other assignment is of concern not only to modern students but also to schoolchildren. This type of work is increasingly being given to pupils of different grades. A paper is a written work on a specific topic.

When working upon a paper, it is first convenient for someone to type the text in the editor, and then, upon completion, bring it to the standard. Others immediately set the desired parameters. If the work is being written for the first time, there will be many corrections by the author.

How to edit paper on the computer

If you are a student and you need someone to edit your college paper, an essay, or any other assignment, feel free to apply for help online. has never been easier. A student from any corner of the world is able to receive a dream editing of their papers in a blink of an eye.

There are a lot of programs for working with text, all of them differ in one way or another. The most common and installed on every work and home computer is Microsoft Word. It contains all the necessary tools for working with texts of their own authorship. A wide range of options will allow you not only to print the contents of the abstract, but also insert tables, diagrams, formulas, page numbers and much more interesting things.

How to write a paper in wordpad

WordPad is a text editing application. It is a simplified version of the well-known Microsoft Word.

Wordpad is a text process. This means that it is suitable for working with text and its possibilities are wider than that of a regular “Notepad”. You can open Wordpad through the “Start” menu, select “Programs” – “Accessories”.

The program interface resembles the appearance of Microsoft Word, being its simplified version. In the upper left corner there is a quick access panel and the name of the document that is being edited. The panel functions can be changed as you wish by adding from the list of possible commands.

With this program you can:

  • format characters;
  • edit paragraphs;
  • add objects;
  • search and replace text;
  • change the scale;
  • display the ruler and status bar;
  • manage word wrapping and units.

WordРad has all the necessary tools for writing and formatting an academic paper. This will be easy enough. Sign page numbers, change the font, add margins, and more.

Other programs for creating a paper

When working with texts, other programs can also be used:

  • OpenOffice;
  • Google Docs;
  • Notebooks;
  • Microsoft Excel;

Each of them has some unique quality that is suitable for writing papers.


OpenOffice is a high-quality analogue of MicrosoftOffice, with special properties that have allowed it to take a serious position among consumers.

The OpenOffice package contains a large number of necessary tools for working and creating texts of various levels of complexity and direction. Of course, most users are used to Microsoft Word, but in order to expand their horizons, experience and achieve other goals, teachers at school increasingly introduce students to the OpenOffice program. Its particular advantage is its general availability, in other words, the program can be installed on your computer for free. It is compatible with the main operating systems, which develops its popularity. The program includes the most necessary components for high-quality text editing in more than 40 languages:

  • word processor;
  • a tool for creating spreadsheets;
  • database;
  • presentations;
  • application for creating pictures and formulas.

Only Outlook has no OpenOffice counterpart. After downloading this program to your computer, it will not be difficult to write a paper.

Google Docs

Google Docs is an interesting and modern way to work with texts, edit them and share them with multiple people under special conditions. You can change and add:

  • font;
  • links;
  • pictures;
  • tables.

The app is available for free. It is possible to work via a mobile phone. To do this, you just need to download the application to the gadget. When editing and writing texts, all changes are saved without the additional participation of the author, while you can familiarize yourself with the history of corrections made by other users with information about who and what changes. Created texts can be saved in doc format. With the help of the program, such necessary changes are made as:

  • adding headers and footers, pagination;
  • content creation;
  • work with headers;
  • printing the result.

The newest versions allow you to work with tables in text.


The most basic purpose of this program is to create presentations from several sheets, the sequence of which can be changed, and not only that.

Smart Notebook capabilities are wide:

  • working with files;
  • design and creation of pages;
  • creation of objects: shapes, lines, tables, diagrams;
  • adding multimedia;
  • adding copyrighted materials.

Mostly suitable for teaching lessons, giving the ability to change the current images. This presentation of information is very interesting and modern.

Microsoft Excel Basically, Microsoft Excel is useful for calculations of various levels of complexity. You can create information in tabular form, as well as in the form of graphs and charts based on the data entered in the corresponding cells.

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