How to Download Twitter Videos on Laptop or Mobile Devices

Twitter does not allow users to download videos posted by other users. That’s why the microblogging site doesn’t have a built-in tool for that. Still, there is a solution that allows users to download the videos directly to the local storage of their PC or smartphone.

The good part is that this solution works for all types of devices including Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.

However, keep in mind that downloading other videos and reposting them may get you in trouble for copyright infringement. If you want to do that, make sure you have the proper permissions from the content owner before posting.

So if you want to download videos from Twitter, here are the steps to follow.

Download Twitter Videos use third-party websites
There are several third-party websites available that allow you to download videos from Twitter. The one we use is



Grab the URL or link of the Twitter video



Now open the website and paste the video URL



The website will automatically fetch the video and display all available formats, resolutions for that particular video.



Click the Download Video button placed before the resolution or format.

To download Twitter videos using third-party apps
To do this, you need to download an app that allows you to download Twitter videos. Several options are available. Just go to the app store and search for downloaded Twitter videos and download them all with good overall rating.

After downloading, enter the link or URL and download the video.


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