How to calculate JEE Main Rank with Rank Predictor Tool?

Candidates who want to evaluate their performance in JEE Main 2022 can use JEE main Rank predictor to get to know about their probable ranks and percentile even before the results are declared. The Joint Entrance Examination 2022 is a national-level entrance examination for students who want to pursue their careers in the fields of engineering. The rank predictor aims at providing the best results in securing admissions to the top national institutes such as NITs, IIITs, etc.,

JEE Main Rank Predictor is a great tool that helps candidates in estimating their chances of getting into top institutes in the country. It should be noted that the results of this tool are indicative and depend upon the inputs of the user and can differ from the actual results.

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has declared that this year’s examination will be conducted in two different phases, one in June and another in July.  Revised dates for session 1 are June 20 to June 29 and for the second phase is July 21 to 30.

Exam Dates

Exam EventsDates
JEE Main Exam 2022June Session: June 20 to June 29, 2022 July Session: July 21 to July 30, 2022
Release of JEE Main April Answer Key 2022 by Coaching InstitutesImmediately after the June 2022 exam
Release of JEE Main May Answer Key 2022 by Coaching InstitutesImmediately after the July 2022 exam
Release of Official JEE Main 2022 Answer KeyJune Session: To Be Announced July Session: To Be Announced
Declaration of JEE Main 2022 ResultJune Session: To Be Announced July Session: To Be Announced

How to use the JEE Main rank predictor tool?

JEE Main rank predictor tool is a very useful tool for the candidates who want to predict their probable ranks before the results are declared by NTA. It derives from the imputed data from the candidates. The steps to use this tool are

  1. Enter the number of MCQ questions that are answered by the candidate.
  2. Enter the number of correct MCQ questions answered. If the candidate does not remember the actual number then JEE Main Answer Key can also be used or a probable number close to the correct number can also be inserted.
  3. Enter the total number of non MCQ questions answered.
  4. Click on submit.
  5. In the next step, students would be required to register by providing basic details such as name, email address, and mobile number.
  6. The applicant board exam and state need to be chosen from the drop-down menu.
  7. The probable rank of the candidate will be displayed according to the imputed data.

Category Rank predictor: JEE main Marks vs rank

Marks vs rank help the students get an idea about their performance and their probable rank in the examination. Examination authorities consider the following points while calculating JEE Main Marks vs Rank. these are

  • Number of applications received.
  • Number of questions asked.
  • Difficulty level of the examination.
  • Performance of the candidates.
  • Previous Years JEE main marks vs rank.

JEE Main Marks vs Rank

JEE Main Marks vs Rank help the students get an idea about their rank based on the previous year’s data.

-75 to -201074300 to 1071804
-19 to -101071460 to 1058151
0 to 10991222 to 831941
11 to 20796929 to 615134
21 to 30573996 to 400110
31 to 40385534 to 264383
41 to 50246089 to 175204
51 to 60165679 to 120612
61 to 70115045 to 85657
71 to 8082249 to 63079
81 to 9060147 to 48371
91 to 10046076 to 36253
101 to 11034966 to 27838
111 to 12026321 to 21321
121 to 13020164 to 16084
131 to 14015501 to 12281
141 to 15011678 to 9302
151 to1608949 to 7004
161 to1706706 to 5240
171 to 1805003 to 3932
181 to1903709 to 2869
191to 2002664 to 2004
201 to 2101888 to 1426
211 to 2201367 to 979
221 to 230911 to 655
231 to 240599 to 402
241 to 250367 to 230
250 to 262210 to 103
263 to 27083 to 55
271 to 28049 to 24
281 to 29923 to 2

Key features of JEE Main rank predictor

There are some features that make this tool unique and most useful for the students. These features can be summarised through the following points:

  • JEE’s Main rank predictor helps the students predict their rank even before the announcement of the results.
  • It uses AI technology and expert knowledge to get the most accurate results for the candidates.
  • The accuracy of the results depends totally upon the imputed data by the candidates.
  • JEE Main rank predictor 2022 indicates the percentile for the difficulty level of the exam shift based on candidate experience and expert analysis.

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