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How To Build a Video Marketing Strategy?


In the digital sphere, video is a powerful medium that writes the success stories of your promotional campaigns and content marketing efforts. According to the video marketing statistics 2018 Survey, over 80% of businesses consider videos as the most powerful marketing tool that builds a sense of trust among potential customers and convinces them to buy a product or service. 

Video marketing has truly revolutionized the marketing culture, and if you’re still in and out of this trendiest culture, you’re losing opportunities. If you ask any top businessman about the power of marketing, especially video marketing, they won’t deny the fact that a good video marketing strategy drives heavy engagement and attracts endless opportunities. 

So, how do you build a video marketing strategy that guarantees growth? Let’s dive into specifics to understand the process deeply! 

Undoubtedly, video marketing statistics reveal that videos are an integral part of our lives to the extent that people spend one-third of their time watching videos on various platforms.

Video marketing strategy is nothing new, whereas just like creating strategies for your exams, you should have a well-structured plan, pre-set goals, and proper research to decide the next move. Start building a compelling video marketing strategy with these steps! 

  • Set video campaign goals 

The first and foremost step soon after diving into the video marketing process is outlining your campaign goals. Ask yourself, “What’s the main purpose of this video?” For some, it could be driving awareness, boosting sales, or attracting maximum traffic. So, make sure you’re well-informed with campaign goals to improve end-user experiences. 

  • Find your targeted audience 

Now, when you know the sole purpose behind the campaign, it’s time to figure out who your intended audience is. Remember, all successful marketing campaigns start with analyzing the target customers as, without them, your efforts won’t make any sense. So, how do you know who your targeted audience is? 

Remember, the people who look interested in your products and services are the people who eagerly want to watch your video. With this concept in mind, you as a brand can successfully map out your targeted audience and decide your marketing strategy accordingly. 

  • Figure the storyline 

One of the most challenging but exciting parts of any video marketing campaign is to decide on the strategy you want your audience to believe in. whether you’re picking fiction or non-fiction stories and serving them as a treat to viewers. 

Apart from deciding the storyline, you will need to outline the four primary elements which serve as the basis of any video. 

  • The protagonist with a goal 
  • The consumer pain point 
  • Introduction of product or service 
  • The solution to resolve the conflict 

Any story with the following points will communicate your idea to them, so choose every detail wisely! 

  • Maintain a realistic budget 

Investing loads of money in a video never guarantees success, whereas a compelling storyline and strong product will do the job quickly. Creative planning and strategizing sometimes overpower money, but let’s be real in this scenario. 

Plan your resources wisely, understand what you can splurge on and what you may want to save on. Creative videos might sometimes take a toll on your pockets, but it’s important to analyze that you’re spending your budget well while producing good-quality videos. 

  • Optimize your videos 

In order to ensure higher engagement and better results, video optimization is an important step that every marketer needs to consider. Depending upon the channel you choose to launch your campaigns, such as Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter, you properly employ video SEO. 

  • For Facebook, the video needs to be concise, uploading directly onto the platform with necessary captions. 
  • For Youtube, one needs to wait for 10-15 days to tweak after the video launches. 

Once your video is well optimized according to the industry standards, it will minimize buffering time, improve user experience, and ultimately hit the traffic targets. 

  • Stick to your timelines 

Once you have decided to start the video marketing campaign, it is essential to plan the entire timeline in the production process and stick by it throughout from creative ideation to actual video distribution. These timelines will serve as the guidelines of what you’ve completed and what is still left to be done. 

While creating a high-quality video, there are several people involved in the process. Timelines will act as the guiding light to each and every member of your team so that everyone is well-informed of completion dates, schedules, procedures, and last-minute changes. 

Kinds of videos 

Once the strategy is laid out, it is important to analyze what kind of video will best suit your needs. If we look at the market, there are endless options, with their pros and cons. Analyze the various factors, understand your marketing goal, and look for a budget before diving into the real deal; creating videos! 

We have curated a brief list of some of the most popular kinds of videos that are ruling the market at the moment and might work for you too. 

  • Commercials 
  • Social content videos 
  • Explainer videos 
  • Product videos 
  • Testimonials 

Picking the right video is a crucial step towards the success of your video. So, before you finalize something, make sure to strike a perfect balance between your desires and your customers’ needs to achieve success. 

Final thoughts 

The growth of the video marketing concept has indeed brought a revolution in the marketing field. Platforms continuously support video marketing that gives you the full advantage to explore this amazing site full of competition and unmatched opportunities. 

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