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How to Add Free Ringtones to iPhone?


iPhone is on the market for a long time, but there is still no any way to add your own ringtones, but it is possible. If you don’t want to buy a ringtone or use the ringtone that came with your iPhone, you can use Free Ringtones to create one.

This process has changed slightly in Free Ringtones 12.7. The ringtone library that was previously able to sync with iPhone has been removed, but you can still manually place ringtone files on your phone. All the ringtones you have stored in Free Ringtones are now located in the C: MediaTones folder on your PC or ~ / Music / iTunes / iTunes Media / Tones / on your Mac. Here is available Klingeltöne kostenlos please have a look for amazing ringtones.

Step 1. Get Free Ringtones

On newer iPhones, you rarely need to use Free Ringtones, but adding your ringtones is still a necessity.

For Windows PCs, Apple must install the latest version of Free Ringtones. Your Mac already has Free Ringtones installed and ready to use. This process works on both Mac and Windows PCs. Update: Apple no longer provides Free Ringtones for macOS Catalina. Here’s how to set your own iPhone ringtone on the latest macOS. The instructions in this article will also work if you’re using Free Ringtones on Windows or have an older version of macOS that still has iTunes.

Step 2: Choose a Sound File 

Of course, you need a sound clip to convert and use as a ringtone. You probably already know to some extent what you want to use. If not, find something you like. You can use any of the sound files you want to use.

Files with ringtones cannot exceed 40 seconds in length. Free Ringtones refuses to copy ringtones longer than 40 seconds to your iPhone. If the file is long and you want to use only one part, you can use the audio editor to shorten it to the part you want. Any editor can be used to as per your ease. We love Audacity, the free open-source audio editor for audio editing, but it’s more complicated than necessary for such a simple task, so we recommend a simple online tool like To use this website, click the Open File button and navigate to the MP3 or other type of audio file you want to edit. You can extract audio from video files in downloading. Viral sonnerie telephone always be available there.

Select the part you want to use in the audio file and click the Cut button.

 Download the edited clip to your computer. This is the file you need to import into free ringtones.

Step 3: Convert MP3 to AAC 

TheAudio file is probably in MP3 format. You have to convert it into AAC format to play it. (if the audio is already with .m4r extension, skip this part) 

First, add the audio file to Free Ringtones then find it in the library. Just drag and drop files directly into your iTunes library. And find the file in your library > Songs.

Select the audio file in Free Ringtonesand click File > Convert > Create AAC Version.

Step 4: Rename AAC File 

This will create two copies of the same song file in your Free Ringtones library. That is the original MP3 version and the new AAC version.

To track which is right audio, right-click on the header of the library and enable the Type column.


You will see a new column called “Type” indicating which file is which. The original MP3 file is “MPEG Audio File” and “AAC Audio File” is the NEW AAC file. You can right-click on the MPEG version of the audio file (MP3) and remove it from the library if you wish.

You have now generated your ringtone file as an AAC file. However, you need to change the file extension for Free Ringtones to recognize it as a ringtone file. First, drag the AAC file from your iTunes library to your desktop or another folder on your system.

You will receive the ringtone file as an AAC file with a .m4a extension. Change the file extension to .m4r. For example, change the file name from Song.m4a to Song.m4r.

Step 5: Add a Ringtone File to the Phone 

Finally, connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac using the provided USB to Lightning cable. This cable is the same as that cable used to charge iPhone. Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac to make a connection with Free Ringtones, for this purpose touch the trust option after unlocking your iPhone.

In Free Ringtones, click the device icon that appears to the left of Library in the navigation bar.

In the left sidebar, under My Devices, click the Sound section. Drag the .m4r ringtone file from the folder to the Sound section of Free Ringtones.

Update: If drag and drop don’t work, Select the Free Ringtones file in Explorer and press Ctrl + C or right-click and select “Copy”. Then click inside the Tone List in Free Ringtones and press Ctrl + V to paste.

 Free Ringtones will sync the ringtone to your phone and it will appear right here in the Ringtones section.

Step 6: Choose Ringtone 

Now you can grab your iPhone and go to Settings > Sound & Tactile > Ringtone to choose the ringtone you want. Any ringtones you’ve added appear at the top of the list.

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