The Whey to Success: How this Indian Brand is Expanding to Offer 100 Flavours of Protein Powder

The health and fitness concept in India has gone through a major transformation over the last decade. People are now more conscious of their health and fitness, and keep looking for ways to supplement their diet and exercise regimes. Wellness supplements that were once considered luxury are now seen as an essential part of leading a healthy lifestyle and achieving your fitness goals.

Considering the growing awareness and need for supplements and fitness products, MAXN  India has developed several innovative products conforming to international standards at affordable prices. One such star product is our whey protein supplement which will be discussed in detail in the following sections.

Importance of whey protein in regular diet

Proteins provide essential amino acids that our body needs to perform several vital functions including building and repairing tissues, maintaining fluid balance,  providing energy, and maintaining a healthy weight. But, most of us are unable to fulfil the daily dietary requirement for proteins through our regular food.

If you are into a stringent fitness routine or looking forward to improving your overall health, it is best to make whey protein a part of your health and fitness journey. When you exercise or train too hard, the body experiences a protein breakdown which is evident from the loss of energy and reduced muscle mass.

MAXN’s Whey Protein Supplement comprises 100% whey protein concentrate, that can help you build muscle and achieve your fitness goals.  Our whey protein supplement works by providing the body with all essential amino acids and micronutrients to build a good amount of muscle protein, and boost your energy levels.

Why should you consider MAXN’s whey protein?

MAXN is a leading online health supplement store where you can shop for top-quality whey protein and other wellness supplements in India at an affordable price. MAXN delights in being the only company in India to offer as many as 17 delectable flavours of whey protein, making us a great choice for anyone looking for a healthy and flavourful way to add more protein to their diet!

Our whey protein comes in a wide range of flavours, including several variants in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, banana, and many unique flavours like Falooda, Kesar milk, rose milk, etc. The intent behind formulating 17 unique flavours is to prevent health and fitness enthusiasts from getting bored of consuming the stereotypical flavours and diverting from their health and fitness goals.

It doesn’t stop here. We are committed to formulating a new flavour every month to spoil our customers with interesting choices! In the coming months, we plan to broadening our offerings by having more than 100 flavors available. We are excited about this and hope it will help us exceed our customers’ expectations.

MAXN whey protein supplement is made using the highest quality ingredients, scientifically evaluated to ensure its safety and efficacy, and free from banned substances. Also, all these flavours are available in various sizes including 1 kg, 2.27 kg, and 4.45 kg to cater to the unique needs of our customers.

Shop for the best whey protein at MAXN India

MAXN India is  ISO 22000 and WHO GMP certified, and all our products are proudly made in India. We follow strict measures to comply with global paradigms applied in the making of these finest sports supplements and fulfil the dietary requirements of Indian bodies at reasonable prices.

So, shop for the best protein supplements in India available in 17 distinctive flavours at MAXN India to make your health and fitness routine zestful and flavorful!

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