How Tantric Massage Will Help to Cure Sexual Trauma

In the past years, it was hard to hear stories about sexual trauma and violence. Today, they are happening. Reports on how victims of sexual violence endure overcoming the trauma are essential. The stories range from physical, emotional to psychological. They make tantric massage to be necessary. These stories have all the symptoms at these different levels. The estimates from experts show that one in every six women is a victim of a complete or attempted rape. The same estimates point out that one out of four women experienced sexual abuse before 18 years. It’s pretty challenging for these women to achieve or maintain a fulfilling relationship.

Traditional talk therapy like cognitive behavioral or psychoanalysis therapy helps overcome trauma. Though the two are essential, they aren’t sufficient in dealing with sexuality and sex. It’s vital to practice tantric sex and tantric healing to heal the sexual trauma.

What’s tantric healing?

You can practice tantric healing using the tantric massage. It’s a massage type modern tantric developed involving the use of hands-on bodywork. It’s a unique sacred practice that involves the tantric importance of energy.

Tantric healing uses universal forceful and skillful touches. The two are the most profound aspects and layers of a person. The healing becomes a deep gadget of emotional and spiritual healing. Tantric healing can get rid of energetic blockages that arise from sexual trauma. The health experts believe that trauma can stay in the body. Physical therapy modalities like tantric massage will heal emotional wounds and trauma.

Your sexual energy can also be your healing energy.

The building block of the universe is energy. Human beings have many forms of energy. The most super potent energy type that is like uranium in the nuclear reactor is your sexual energy. Many people don’t know how to handle their sexual energy past their genitals. Many tantric massage types that concentrate on genitals produce great sexual benefits. They include the:

  • Penis tantric massage (lingam massage)
  • Vulva tantric massage (yoni massage), and
  • Tantric masturbation massage.

Any tantric massage for tantric healing focuses on improving spiritual and emotional wellbeing. When you take tantric massage, you open up and cleanse the vital energetic gateways. You will create an open way for energy flow. The massage enables the energy to start to flow upward. A massage practitioner unlocks the benefits of extraordinary healing of your sexual energy. It’s this process that enables him to achieve the set target. When using their energy deliberately, therapists will arouse your energy. They will teach you how to behave in specific ways to meet particular purposes.

The sexual healing via tantric massage

Rape is real, and this is how it went down with Cate. When she was seven years, her dad’s best friend and her trusted father figure at that moment raped her. He lured her into his workshop, where the incident took place. He promised to show her an incredible and exciting thing she had never seen. The man raped Cate. The incident made her cancel most of her play dates with her best friends. Her psyche repressed the bad memories leaving faint flashbacks to keep her safe. They were not big enough to overwhelm her infantile and fragile coping mechanisms. In her 20s, the sexual trauma memories flooded back as dreams. She started having lucid memories feeling like she was facing the trauma for the very first time. Her recollection stage resembled the hallucination state. Her then-boyfriend became her perpetrator while they were having sex. She knew it was time to seek help.

Her therapy was intensive and extensive. She employed a broad range of treatments. They included:

  • Acupuncture
  • hypnotherapy,
  • EMDR,
  • RTM (Recovered Memory therapy),
  • mindfulness,
  • meditation,
  • psychotherapy,
  • life coaching,
  • forgiveness counseling,
  • Group therapy.

When in her 30s, she had analyzed the full life experiences. She had no scar left untouched. The pivotal moment she encountered was when she realized that all the trauma had gone.

In her mid-30s, Cate enrolled for tantra massage training in Argentina. She was very skeptical about how the course could give a pathway and clarity to move forward. Though cautious, Cate was optimistic at the time of going for the course. On the retreat, she had an epiphany about her sexual trauma. Cate discovered the effects of rape. The past incident many years ago had left a significant imprint and scar on her aura. The two never healed when she used the traditional therapies. They lived long after addressing the mental and emotional aspects of counseling. It explains why she could talk about the incident in the open. There wasn’t any outward projection of the unhealed inner manifestations. Psychologically, she had removed the negative seed. but this energetic embryo was alive governing her life.

The healing from inside

Every individual has blockages. The blockages can be emotional, sexual, psychosomatic, mental, or physical in nature. The root cause of these blockages varies between individuals. They can arise from compounded painful memories or repetitive daily experiences and habits. In Cate’s case, the blockages resulted from early trauma. It also resulted from several sexual experiences after the act.

The tantric healing offered helped Cate to be free. She was free from the past clutches releasing the imprint. It got replaced by incredible mental ease. It’s a renewed hope for a better future, and space and place for her true self to grow. Today, her sexual trauma is still with her. However, she can broach with compassion and detachment. It no longer dictates her reality.


When using tantra to cure sexual trauma, reading alone will not help. It would help if you had expert help to offer guidance, whether in person and online. It’s a daunting task to heal from sexual violence. Every person has their unique way of recovery using the tantra method. Tantra healing is beneficial to anybody in dire need of healthier and happier sex life. Healing is a life-changing phenomenon, especially for sexually assaulted survivors. You will feel like a physical release of trauma that will enable your body to be free of that memory.

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