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NEW DELHI: In a heartwarming tale reminiscent of Seema Haider and Sachin Meena, another cross-border love story has emerged from Andhra Pradesh, this time involving a Pakistani man Gulzar Khan and an Indian woman named Daulat Bi. 

More than a decade ago, Gulzar Khan crossed the border to India to find his lady love and build a life with her. However, his journey was not without its challenges, leading to his arrest and legal complications. Now, Daulat Bi is seeking the Indian government’s permission to let Gulzar stay in the country with their family.

A Missed Call Sparks An Unlikely Connection


The story began in 2010 when Daulat Bi, a resident of Gadivemula in Andhra Pradesh’s Nandyal district, accidentally received a call from Gulzar Khan in Pakistan. Gulzar, who was trying to contact his friend in Hyderabad, misdialled and ended up talking to Daulat. Little did they know that this wrong call would lay the foundation for their future relationship.

Gulzar’s Risky Journey To India To Marry Daulat Bi


Over the next three years, Gulzar and Daulat continued to communicate daily, and their bond deepened into love. Determined to propose to Daulat for marriage, one day, Gulzar embarked on a risky journey to India. He crossed over to the country via Dubai, determined to be with the woman he had grown to love.

Settling Down In India: Love Blossoms Into A Family


Daulat, after receiving approval from her family, married Gulzar, who was originally from Sialkot district in Punjab province, Pakistan. Gulzar, now working as a painter in Nandyal, and Daulat, a labourer, started their married life together. Over time, their love flourished, and they welcomed four children into their family.

The Troubling Return To Pakistan


Their life in India seemed to be going smoothly until Gulzar made the difficult decision to return to Pakistan. However, fate had a different plan for him, and it led to a series of unforeseen challenges.


In 2019, Hyderabad city police arrested Gulzar on charges of forging documents and illegally entering India. His Aadhaar card and passport were found to be fake, resulting in his detainment. He faced legal proceedings, and the Indian authorities charged him under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the Foreigners Act.

A Plea For Reunion: Daulat Bi Appeals To Government


After a period of detainment, Gulzar was recently released from Cherlapally Central Prison near Hyderabad. Daulat Bi, an Indian citizen, approached the Telangana High Court seeking her husband’s release and permission for him to stay in India with their family. She endured significant hardships during his incarceration and pleaded with the Indian government for a reunion with her husband.

In this cross-border love story, Gulzar Khan and Daulat Bi’s love has endured challenges, separation, and legal troubles. Now, their hopes rest on the compassion and understanding of the Indian government, which has to decide the fate of their family’s future.

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