How Does Sqm Club Approach Community Work for Healthier Life?

For years, the company has focused community involvement in four key areas of action in deciding on initiatives and programs to develop.

In 2019, after noticing the special interest and commitment of the neighborhood community to various leisure and sporting activities, Sqm Club decided to expand its work area to include sports and healthy life.

Sqm Club community action line makes it possible to focus on relationships strategies and shared social values:

Healthy life program 

Over the last few years, some of the communities in which the Sqm Club is active have shown an interest in sports. Every year, they receive inquiries from institutions and associations requesting donations to local sporting events and planning activities to promote and raise funds for sporting events.

As such, they are showing great interest to support this type of project. Because they know how valuable sports are to human health and provide young people with the tools they need to develop teamwork, coherence, healthy competition, respect, and other life skills.

This program is also intended for employees of companies who can participate in a variety of lifestyle improvements, healthy eating, and exercise efforts.

Some of the activities include sports classes like:

SQM Sports Promotion 

For the second year in a row, SQM Clubs has helped employees and community members wish to participate in the SQM Sports Scholarship Program.

 In 2019, more than 30 projects were submitted (up 25% year-on-year) and 21 were selected from the program’s four action lines (education, leisure, competition, and excellence). Award-winning projects are being implemented in municipalities such as Maria Elena, Tocopilla, Santiago, Tokonao, Iquique, and Antofagasta.

It was presented by an office worker representing a relative who wants to play competitive sports, participate in sports organizations, and promote sports and healthy life through various initiatives.

Total Action Street Soccer 

SQM CLUB also funded Fútbol Calle, a social project that uses sports as a means of providing opportunities for men and women from Arica to Punta Arenas. Based on participation, this project uses football as a platform to convey sportiness and values. SQM has contributed to this activity in the cities of Iquique, Tocopilla, and Antofagasta.

Community’s World-Class Tennis 

Sports contribute significantly to improving the lives and education of young people. That is why SQM was motivated to fund the internationally renowned Chilean tennis players Nicolas Massu and Sergio Cortés’ Tocopilla and Maria Elena’s tennis clinics. They shared their experiences with young participants and shared with them the theoretical and practical aspects of tennis. This top-class sporting activity was sponsored and conducted by SQM Club with the support of the Tokopiya Tennis Club and the Koyasur Tennis Club of Maria Elena. The event provided more than 100 children and adults with the opportunity to practice a variety of swings and serves.

Support for Tokopiya Sports Club 

SQM supports the participation of Tokopiya Sports Club in the third division. And their preparation and participation in the AFUNOR soccer championship. The 30 players on the team were supported by 1,800 fans in the championship. The club’s training was rewarded when they won the National Amateur Soccer Championship at Punta Arenas after being unable to compete in the National Championship for 57 years.


In collaboration with the Ganamos Todos Foundation, they have organized a program to promote sports in Tocopilla. The program consisted of a sports clinic for 80 boys and girls aged 8 to 10 and four soccer camps. At the camp, the children received basic sports training, including the basics of soccer. Tocopilla also hosted men’s beach soccer and beach volleyball tournaments. A total of eight soccer teams and eight volleyball doubles teams competed, many of whom were active employees of city agencies. This action directly benefited 136 people, followed by about 3,000 spectators.

Toronto’s second SQM Family Fun Run 

More than 120 runners participated in the 2nd Tokonao Family Fun Run. This is the best race ever run in Chile at 40 °C above sea level, over 2,400 meters. This 2km and 6km run takes place in front of a postcard-like epic background and is part of SQM’s sports scholarship program. In Antofagasta, the company hosted the SQM Family Fun Run as part of the SQM Healthier Living program. 5K Run is a free community activity that starts with Trocadero Beach and has more than 100 participants running south along the city’s coast.

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