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How do I Start my Asus Laptop in Safe Mode?


When your Windows 10 Asus laptop is not working as it should, one of the best ways to troubleshoot it is to start it up in Safe Mode. And if you have used older versions of Windows, like XP or Windows 7, you will know that you could get into Safe Mode by pressing F8 when Windows started. This doesn’t work anymore, and in this article we will tell you the new way to start your Windows 10 Asus laptop in Safe Mode.
Safe Mode is a way of starting up Windows with only the basic programs and services running, so you can work out what might be causing problems with your laptop. There are two ways to get Windows 10 Asus laptop into Safe Mode, depending on whether or not you can get your laptop to start up.
So first, let’s look at what to do if your laptop starts up.

If you can Start your Laptop
If Windows starts up, but you are getting problems or errors, then you can put the laptop into Safe Mode from within Windows.
Go to the Start Menu, then to Power.
Now, hold down the Shift Key while you click Restart. Holding the Shift Key when you restart causes the laptop to start up on the screen.
Click on Troubleshoot, then Advanced Options. On this screen, you need to click on See more recovery options, which is at the very bottom.
Click Start-up Settings.
Click Restart.
Now you will see the Startup Settings screen. There are quite a few choices here, so read them carefully to see which one suits you. Just to point out a few common choices – 4 gets you into Safe Mode where no unnecessary programs or services are run when the laptop starts. 5 gets you into Safe Mode with networking, because it can be helpful to have Internet in your troubleshooting.
And if you suspect your security software could be causing problems, try 8, which disables early launch anti-malware protection.
So press the number 4, for Safe Mode, and wait for the laptop to start. Sign in to Windows, and you will see the black desktop with the white text at the top, indicating that we are in Safe Mode.
Now you can do whatever troubleshooting you need to do. And when you are ready to leave Safe Mode and go back into the normal mode of Windows, just click Restart. When the laptop starts up again, we are in normal mode again.
Next, let’s find out how to get into Safe Mode if Windows doesn’t start up.

If you cannot Start your Laptop
If your laptop fails to start up Windows, you will need to get to Safe Mode another way. There is no shortcut key to get your laptop into Safe Mode. Instead, you will find that when the laptop fails to start three times, it will go into Automatic Repair. If it doesn’t you can try turning on the laptop, and when Windows starts to load, hold down the power button until the laptop turns off.
Then repeat this – turning on the laptop, then forcing it to turn off, until you see Preparing Automatic Repair. After a short wait. You will see the screen – Your laptop did not start correctly.
Now click Advanced Options, then Troubleshoot, then Advanced Options. When you see this screen, look at the very bottom for See more recovery options. Click on this. And then click on Start-up Settings. Then click Restart.
Finally, you will see the Start-up Settings screen. Now you just need to decide which type of Safe Mode you want, and press the number key to start it.
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