How Can I Win Cash by Playing Solitaire Gold Online?

The internet is a different world in itself. You can connect and engage with people from across the world. On the internet, you can shop, study, learn a new skill, and even win money! But it all comes down to one thing—are you having fun doing what you are doing? 

There are a lot of platforms made specially for your entertainment. However, what if you had a chance to bring them all together on one platform? What would you do if you could learn, play and also win some of the most exciting cash prizes? What if we told you that you can play a game like solitaire for cash prizes? Yes, you can! Read on to learn how.

From the basics 

Before we get into the specifics of all the different opportunities you have for winning cash prizes, let’s talk about the game of solitaire. Now we have all played this game at some point in our lives, most likely on a computer. To refresh your memory a little bit, solitaire is a traditionally single-player game played with a standard 52-card deck, wherein you need to move all the cards from the tableau columns to the foundation piles, arranged by suit and in ascending order from ace to king, in the shortest time possible.

What you need to understand before you start playing solitaire is that it is truly a game of skill, not luck or chance. While you do not have control over the cards that you are dealt, you have full control over what you do with them. Once you learn the rules, you need to learn and understand the quirks of it all. You can do so by observing what your opponents do and learning from their moves to master yours. 

On an app like Solitaire Gold, you have the option to learn the game from scratch. There are several tutorials that can help you brush up on the game well. 

Win exciting prizes 

There was a time when, as children, we would get prizes for participating in a game or a contest. It was a motivating factor for us to play better and it is a great way to upskill too. The online gaming app Solitaire Gold is doing just that by offering whopping big cash prizes and motivating players to play more and play better. 

Though some states in the country prohibit their residents from playing cash games online, the Supreme Court of India has declared playing skill games like solitaire online for real money as completely legal and legitimate since these games require expertise and skills to win. A game of skills does not fall in the category of gambling or betting but is considered a business activity.

Now coming to the main question: How can you win cash prizes by playing Solitaire Gold online? The answer is pretty simple. 

When you start playing a game on Solitaire Gold, it is advisable to start from the beginners’ level. There are unlimited practice games available on the app, which you can use to understand the game and fine-tune your skills and strategy. Once you start playing, you will get the hang of it and become an expert at the game gradually. 

When you’re confident about your skills, you can start playing cash games. Start with contests that have a smaller entry fee, and move up the ladder for the bigger-stake contests and leagues. The winnings won in these contests and leagues can be withdrawn from your gaming wallet and transferred to your bank account by simply placing a withdrawal request online. Thanks to the app’s superfast withdrawal service, you will be able to enjoy your winnings within minutes!

To become eligible to win cash prizes, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

  1. To be eligible to win the prizes on offer on the Solitaire Gold app, you need to register on the platform using your mobile number or sign up using your Google/Facebook account. 
  2. You must also link your bank account to a payment gateway of your choice – granted that it is available on the platform. Solitaire Gold has integrated several secure payment gateways like credit/debit cards, netbanking, UPI and mobile wallets to ensure safe online transactions. You can pick from any of these options.
  3. To withdraw your winnings and get them transferred to your bank account, you must get your KYC verified.

It is as simple as that! Solitaire has always been a fun and exciting game. Solitaire Gold has managed to bring back the childhood nostalgia and memories back and added a fun twist to it. The online version of the classic game has definitely been a crowd puller and there is no denying that online gaming has a very bright future ahead. 

So what are you waiting for? Download the Solitaire Gold app now and enjoy the best card gaming experience ever. 

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