Hop Leo Electric Scooter 120 Km Range Variant Launch Price Under Rs 1 L

Hop Leo high-speed variant e-scooter launched; Bookings open online and at HOP Experience Centres – Available at showrooms starting January 2023

Hop Leo Electric Scooter 120 Km Range
Hop Leo Electric Scooter 120 Km Range

HOP Electric has launched the High-Speed variant of HOP LEO electric scooter. The new e-scooter launch reiterates HOP Electric’s quest to offer cost-effective mobility. All-new Hop Leo is available at a price below 1 lakh, and can be purchased at a HOP Experience Centre or online.  

True range is claimed at 120 kms. Hop Leo high speed variant is powered by eflow tech with a voltage architecture of 72 V. The motor lists peak power at 2200 W and max torque at 90 Nm. Those numbers position it as a powerful entry-segment electric scooter. The BLDC hub motor is matched with Sinusoidal FOC Vector Control, ensuring easy handling and a smooth ride.

Hop Leo electric scooter Long Range

Battery type is an advanced lithium-ion with an installed capacity of 2.1 kWh. It delivers 120 kms per charge. Charging time (0-80%) of 2.5 hours with a 850 W smart charger. Advanced lithium ion battery type offers several benefits such as high performance and long life. An installed capacity of 2.1 kWh means the battery can store a fair amount of energy, providing reliable power for prolonged use.

Furthermore, this capacity ensures that the device can run for a long time without needing to be recharged. Additionally, advanced lithium-ion batteries are known for their fast charging capabilities and high energy density, which make them a popular choice for many electric scooters. Add to this modern demands of effective efficiency.  

Hop Leo Electric Scooter 120 Km Range
Hop Leo Electric Scooter 120 Km Range

HOP LEO electric scooter has four riding modes: Eco, Power, Sport, and Reverse. Climbing ability reaches up to 12 degrees. Front suspension uses an upright telescopic fork. And rear suspension employs a hydraulic spring-loaded shock absorber. The scooter features disc-disc brakes with a Combi-brake system and regenerative braking.

Both front and rear wheels measure 10 inches and use 90/90-R10 tyres. Ground clearance is listed at 160 mm. And loading capacity at 160 Kgs. Additionally, it has an IP rating of IP 67/65 that signifies being waterproof and dustproof.

Green number plate registration

Though it comes equipped with an LCD digital display, it is sans connectivity. Third-party GPS tracker available as an option. Here’s the range of colour one can pick from – Black, White, Grey, Blue, and Red. Registration with a green number plate is necessary.

The auto manufacturer says it’s perfect for riders seeking speed, range, and power with a guaranteed smooth ride, and excellent handling. And it’s available at HOP showrooms starting January 2023.

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