Honda Genio 110 to be launched in India very soon: Know Price and Features

New Delhi is the capital of India. Honda Motors has released the Genio 110, a new scooter from Honda. The features of this scooter are just as impressive as its appearance. This scooter is expected to take the place of the Honda Activa.

The Honda Genio 110 has the following features

This scooter was built entirely from the ground up using European design principles. It resembles a Yamaha Fascino 125 hybrid in appearance. The LED headlight has been redesigned with golden accents on the body, making it look better than before.

Honda Genio
Honda Genio

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The wheels were also smaller due to the 110 cc engine

The 110cc engine in the Honda Genio 110 produces 8.9 PS of power and 9.3 Nm of peak torque. The company has replaced the traditional 14-inch wheels with 12-inch wheels on this scooter. However, the wheel width has been increased, and the braking system is similar to that of the Honda Activa.

Honda Genio 110 Image
Honda Genio 110 Image

The Honda Genio 110 will cost this much

In Indonesia, Honda has released this new scooter. It will soon be available in Europe and India. According to Indian currency, its current price is around 93,000 rupees.

If this scooter is released in India, it will compete with the Honda Activa, the company’s best-selling scooter. Although the company has not stated when or at what price this scooter will be available in India, it is expected to be released in the near future.

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