Honda Activa Petrol To Electric Conversion At Rs 1 Lakh

As per the modder, this electric Activa conversion has a 2.88 kWh worth of prismatic cell battery costing Rs. 55,000

Electric Activa Conversion Costs 1 Lakh - 2.88 kWh Battery
Electric Activa Conversion Costs 1 Lakh – 2.88 kWh Battery

Activa is currently the de facto choice in the scooter segment for a majority in the segment. With 6 generations of legacy and a fan following, Activa has come a long way. Don’t let the sub 1 lakh units sold in December 2022 fool you. Activa is notoriously known to dominate the scooter segment with 50% of market share.

HMSI CEO has confirmed recently that its maiden electric scooter will launch in January 2024. With still a year on the clock, Activa fans eagerly waiting for an electric scooter might be disappointed. However, there is no one stopping them from converting their existing Activa to electric, though. Yes. There are many kits, but let’s take a look at a neat conversion done in Nellore, AP.

Honda Activa Petrol To Electric

A modder from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh running a YouTube channel Diy Telugu, has neatly converted a standard ICE Activa into an EV. All the modifications come together beautifully and look cohesive. Except for a few green decals and EV stickers, people would be hard-pressed to spot that it is converted.

The modder has worked on an older generation Honda Activa and swapped the engine to house an electric battery. Propulsion is achieved by a hub motor, mounted at the rear wheel. According to modder, this motor is rated at 1 kW of continuous power and 2 to 2.5 kW of peak power as well. While the battery is a 72V 40A unit with prismatic cells. This works to be 2.88 kWh worth of capacity.

The modder promises a range of over 120 km from a single charge. While top speed is limited to 55 km/h. Modder explains that there is a smart BMS (Battery Management System) on board and a full sine wave smart motor controller. The latter contributes to a vibe-free motor operation. The “smart” in smart BMS enables smartphone connectivity to display various vehicular info.

The motor controller comes with three speeds that can be cycled through via a custom switch. There is a parking mode switch too, which cuts power to motor, when engaged. Indications for both of these are displayed in the fully digital instrument cluster.

Specs & Features

This Electric Activa conversion swaps the analog instrumentation of stock Activa with a fully digital unit. It displays a tonne of info including motor RPM as well. Since there is no need for an engine starter motor, the starter switch is now converted to a horn.

Honda Activa Petrol to Honda Activa Electric - Modification
Honda Activa Petrol to Honda Activa Electric – Modification

Engine on stock Activa is mounted on its swingarm. A new swingarm with dual shock absorbers was necessary. Stock Activa gets a single-sided mono-shock. Battery compartment and boot space were not revealed, but the charging point is mounted near footboard.

As per modder, this whole conversion costs Rs. 1 lakh including base vehicle. Batteries alone command more than half of that price. An overnight charge is sufficient as per this modder to conserve battery health and he doesn’t often recommend fast charging. Icing on the cake for people opting for this conversion is a 3-year warranty on its battery.

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