Highest mileage sedan launched in India with great design and Features

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Honda Citye:HEV Hybrid: Honda Cars India has launched the City e:HEV Hybrid, its most fuel-efficient sedan, in India for Rs 19.49 lakh ex-showroom. The company has not only presented this premium sedan in a stylish manner, but it also has a wealth of features.

Honda Cars: All-New Honda City e:HEV The Honda City e:HEV Hybrid is India’s most fuel-efficient sedan, with an ex-showroom price of Rs 19.49 lakh. Customers have responded positively to the company’s launch, and this car will now be available to customers after a 6-month wait. If you book this car today, it will be delivered by Diwali 2022, according to Alam. Customers who are interested in the car can reserve it for Rs 21,000 as a deposit.

Honda Citye HEV
Honda Citye HEV

There are three different versions available

The standard Honda City is available in three models: V, VX, and ZX, but the City e:HEV is only available in the base model V and the top model ZX. Aside from that, Honda Cars India has only made the hybrid system available on the fifth generation City, while the fourth generation premium sedan has only been sold with a petrol engine. The car has three driving modes: electric, hybrid, and gasoline. The rotary knob can be used to switch between these modes, allowing the car to run entirely on electric power.

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One litre of gasoline will get you 26.5 kilometres

The new Honda City e:HEV is powered by a 1.5-liter four-cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine with an electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery pack for the first time. The car’s engine produces 124 bhp and 253 Nm of peak torque, with the petrol engine providing 127 Nm of torque. The car’s mileage increased by 40% after it was equipped with a hybrid system, and the new City e:HEV now gets 26.5 kmpl. After increasing the car’s weight by 110 kg, this figure was discovered. All four wheels of the car have been fitted with updated disc brakes.

Honda Citye
Honda Citye

Electric parking brake and auto hold system

Due to the electric motor and battery being installed in the car, the boot space has been reduced slightly, and the Honda City e: HEV now has 410 litres of luggage space, up from 506 litres in the standard City model. The new car has the same appearance as the standard City, and the interior design has not changed. The Teco metre, which provides information about running on electric power, has now replaced the new hybrid metre.

direct confrontation with Siaz

The car also has an auto hold system and ambient lighting, as well as an electric parking brake. The safety of the City e-HEV has also improved, with features such as Lane Change Assist, Pedestrian Alert, and Adaptive Cruise Control now available. The car will compete in India against the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, which has a mild hybrid system.

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