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Diabetes occurs when the glucose or sugar levels in the blood elevate, thus causing numerous health problems. Along with hypertension (or high blood pressure), diabetes or high blood sugar is the root cause of several health issues and needs to be checked, to prevent it from turning fatal. Type 2 diabetes, the most common form of diabetes, is largely caused by an unhealthy lifestyle, and controlling one’s diet is key to keeping high blood sugar levels in check. 

On her Instagram page, nutritionist Lovneet Batra, mentioned, “Individuals with diabetes are frequently encouraged by their doctors to carefully monitor their consumption of carbohydrates to prevent overwhelming the pancreas. But reducing carbs doesn’t mean eliminating them altogether. In fact, some grains can be healthy for people with diabetes.”

Are grains a big no in high blood sugar? Check 6 healthy choices

Lovneet Batra says that some grains can be good and she goes on to list six grains that can be helpful in managing diabetes:

1) Barley: Rich in beta-glucan, Batra says barley is good for managing blood sugar and also for lowering bad cholesterol.

2) Oat bran: Oat bran is rich in soluble fibre, magnesium, and protein – these components play a big role in blood glucose management.

3) Amaranth: A highly nutritious pseudo cereal with superior protein content as compared to other cereals, Amaranth, Batra says, is another whole grain apt for diabetics. It is rich in antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory properties, and is also a great choice for those looking for gluten-free options.

4) Ragi: Resembling mustard when it comes to appearance, ragi is an extremely nutritious millet that is not only good for people with high blood sugar but also helps in lowering high cholesterol levels.

5) Bajra: This is a grain that is loaded with fibre and has a low glycemic index, which is good for people with diabetes. It also helps in treating constipation and aids in weight loss. As compared to other cereals, Batra points out that bajra has a higher iron content.

6) Jowar: Rich in Vitamin K1 – a component that plays a crucial role in blood clotting and bone growth – Jowar helps in keeping blood sugar levels in check. Its highly resistant starch complexes keep one full longer and help maintain weight. It also reduces bad cholesterol, says Batra.

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Grains good for diabetes: Watch 

Check out Loveneet Batra’s Instagram post here:


So instead of cutting down on carbs completely, opt for healthy grains and be fit and full as nutritionist Lovneet Batra advises.


(Disclaimer: The article is based on information provided by the expert quoted and is not a substitute for a doctor’s advice. Zee News does not confirm this.)

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