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Happy Birthday: Arjun Rampal has become a father without a son without marriage, with girlfriend Gabriella


Arjun Rampal has been in a relationship with Gabriella Demetredes for a long time. One day Arjun surprised everyone by suddenly giving the news of Gabriella’s pregnancy. Today on Arjun’s birthday, we tell about the love story of both.

There are many such celebs in Bollywood whose relationship has surprised the fans a lot. Arjun Rampal is also included in this list. Arjun Rampal has been in the headlines for his personal life. Let us tell you that Arjun is the handsome hunk of Bollywood industry and he married Mehr. But then suddenly after 20 years of marriage, both of them decided to separate. There were reports that there has been a lot of rift in their relationship. After separating from Mehr, the entry of Gabriella Demetriades in Arjun’s life.

Happy Birthday

Arjun and Gabriella met during an IPL party. At first sight, both were attracted towards each other. Slowly the conversation started between the two and then both of them did not know when the two became friends and when this relationship of friendship turned into love. Both started spending time with each other. Arjun’s mother had passed away after separating from Meher.

After the death of his mother, Arjun started having a very emotional week, so Gabriella took care of him and helped him to get out of this pain. Gabriella said that Arjun likes her very much because she is a family man and she is proud of her country. Gabriella is able to celebrate the culture and festivals of India by staying with Arjun.

Let us tell you that when both were dating each other, at that time both did not talk much about their relationship. Although both were often spotted together in public places. After this, suddenly one day Arjun gave the news of Gabriella’s pregnancy, which surprised everyone. Both have named their son Arik. They keep sharing photos with her on social media. Both had to face a lot of negativity due to having a child without marriage, but while ignoring it, both took care of their relation and son.

Happy Birthday

The special thing about their relationship is that even though both are not husband and wife, but they support each other in the same way. Whenever one gets into trouble, the other always stands by him. At the same time, Gabriella is quite mature. She also spends time with the daughters from Arjun’s first marriage. She lives with him like friends and everyone goes on vacation together. This is what Arjun likes the most about Gabriella.

By the way, the fans want both of them to get married soon because both of them love each other very much. Although Gabriella believes that marriage is not necessary. It is not necessary to get married according to the rule book of love. He says that this is his personal choice and he will not take the decision of marriage under the pressure of the society.

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