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HALDWANI: The police have successfully captured the primary suspect in the horrifying murder case of businessman Ankit Chauhan, which took place at a local hotel in Haldwani. The accused, known as Mahi alias Dolli, is believed to have conspired with her other lover, Deepu Kandpal, to administer a fatal snakebite to Ankit. As the investigation unfolds, authorities are still in pursuit of the housemaid and a male servant who are also implicated in the crime. The snake handler involved in the murder has already been apprehended.

According to the investigation, Dolli was romantically involved with Ankit, the owner of a hotel in Haldwani, while also maintaining a relationship with another man. Together, Dolli and her second lover hatched a plan to eliminate Ankit by orchestrating a snakebite at the hotel. They had hired the snake handler a month prior to the incident. After the murder, Dolli fled to Pilibhit, where she sought shelter at her housemaid’s residence in Nepal. The police traced her movements and eventually arrested her while she was traveling on a Delhi-bound bus.

During questioning, Dolli initially claimed that she had fled from Bareilly to Delhi. She had stayed at various upscale hotels before deciding to surrender herself at a court in Haldwani. However, the police intercepted her before she could do so. Meanwhile, the authorities are still in search of the housemaid and the male servant allegedly involved in the murder.

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The shocking incident came to light when Ankit’s lifeless body was discovered on the backseat of his car near the Teenpani railway crossing on the morning of July 15th. The post-mortem examination revealed snakebite marks on both his legs, prompting suspicions about the cause of death. As the investigation progressed, the police uncovered Dolli’s connection to Ankit and her role in the sinister murder plot.

As the investigation continues, the authorities are resolute in their commitment to bring all those involved in this heinous crime to justice. The chilling murder case has sent shockwaves through the community in Haldwani, emphasizing the importance of swift and effective law enforcement measures to address such horrific acts.

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