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Gossip Girl Episode 3 Release Date, Time, Spoilers

gossip Girl’ The reboot is rapidly gaining steam, with its latest episode dropping some of the intriguing drama and shifting power dynamics that form a major part of teen drama. The second episode follows Julian as she uses Gossip Girl’s help to win Obi back from Zoya. However, this leads to a reconciliation of the sisters. You can find detailed highlights from this week’s episode in the recap section. For those looking forward to next week’s episode full of mysteries and twists, here’s what’s in store for Julianne, Zoya, and company gossip girl episode 3.

Gossip Girl Episode 3 Release Date, Spoilers, Watch Online
Gossip Girl Episode 3 Release Date, Time, Spoilers

gossip girl episode 3 release date

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Gossip Girl Episode 3 Release Date, Time, Spoilers

Gossip Girl episode 3 to release 22 July 2021, so 3 p.m. ET On hbo max. The first season of the series consists of ten episodes with a running time of approximately 60 minutes, and the remaining first six episodes will continue on the streaming service every Thursday of the week.

How and where to watch Gossip Girl episode 3 online?

To watch “Gossip Girl” Episode 3, go straight to HBO Max. Subscribers of the service can watch new episodes starting from the date and time mentioned above. New episodes can also be streamed on Hulu, Amazon Prime, Spectrum, DirecTV, and Xfinity, provided you’ve subscribed to the HBO Max add-on.

gossip girl episode 3 spoiler

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Gossip Girl Episode 3 Release Date, Time, Spoilers

Gossip Girl episode 3 is calledlate wide shut’ and will likely deal with the growing influence of Gossip Girl now that the account is verified. The school authorities may take a harsh stand to know the true identity of the blogger, but they may face difficulties in doing so. Meanwhile, Julian will try to find new ways to get over his breakup, and Max can help him in doing so. Zoya will probably still struggle to fit in in school and may get help from an unlikely source. Audrey’s hookup with Max, which remains a mystery for now, may find its way to Gossip Girl. We can also know why Zoya was expelled from her previous school.

gossip girl episode 2 recap

Episode 2 of Gossip Girl is titled ‘he might be’ and opens with Constance Billard and the PTA meeting in St. Jude. Kate and other teachers are thriving on the success of Gossip Girl. Julian is still trying to accept his breakup with Obi and wants to get him back. Meanwhile, Obi convinces Zoya, who just wants to keep a low profile after getting into trouble in the previous episode.

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Gossip Girl Episode 3 Release Date, Time, Spoilers

Julian strikes a deal with Gossip Girl that will help him find the dirt on Zoya and drive Obi away from his sister. A fundraiser is being organized at the school, in which Obi arranges for Zoya and her father to attend. Max tries to seduce a teacher and enlists Aki’s help for this. Audrey convinces her mother to come to the fundraiser. At the fundraiser, Audrey’s mother gets drunk and creates a scene and embarrasses her. Audrey and Aki have a fight and feel isolated. Zoya and Obie walk out to the fundraiser, which Julian learns from Gossip Girl.

Julian calls his father and Zoya’s father to expose her sister but Obi has a change of heart after seeing her happy with Zoya. However, it is too late because dad has already arrived. The next day, we learn that Audrey had an affair with Max the previous night and that Zoya is leaving school. Julian stops her and is able to convince Zoya to make a fresh start. As a part of her deal with Gossip Girl, Julianne receives a verified mark from the Gossip Girl Instagram account.


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