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New Delhi: Mass layoffs at different IT companies have caused chaos globally as individuals struggle to find employment amid concerns about a global crisis. 12,000 workers were affected by Google’s layoffs. Some of the affected workers admitted that they were surprised and didn’t see it coming. An employee said that when he could no longer access his account, he learned that he had been sacked. Similar circumstances occurred with an employee of Google who was on leave to take care of his dying mother was let off.

The same happened this time also. When a Google engineer in the US was on mental health leave and received an email at 2 am that she was fired. The worker, Ali Neil, was one of 12,000 employees let go by the internet giant. (Also Read: Google Layoffs 2023: HR Fired From Company While Interviewing a New Candidate to Hire for Job Role)

Neil uploaded a post on LinkedIn in which he said that at least because of her leave, she was partially ready for such an occasion. She needed a few days to absorb it and reconcile what had occurred. (Also Read: Google Layoffs: Employee Takes leave to Care for his Mother With Terminal Cancer, Company Abruptly Fired him)

“I thought I’d add some colour to my worn-out post that I published early on last Friday after struggling to go sleep now that I’ve had some time to fully process all that’s happened over the previous week. Being awake at 2:06 AM to read the email wasn’t all that nice “She posted.

In a previous post where she stated that she had been let go by Google, Neil recounted her narrative while quoting the author of that piece.

For unversed, in light of the recent layoffs and challenging macroeconomic environment, it looks that CEO Sundar Pichai will receive a significant pay reduction. Pichai revealed that all positions beyond the “senior vice president” level will see a large decrease in their annual bonus during a recent town hall meeting with Google employees.

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