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The Ola S1 electric scooter remains in the news for one or the other reasons. This time around, it is here for a good one. A Jodhpur resident – Anjali Pal, fell into the trap of a fraudulent packer and mover company when she was moving her scooter to Dehradun. The thieves were moving her electric scooter to a different state, which wasn’t to Anjali’s knowledge. When Anjali realised that it didn’t seem right, she complained about the incident at a local police station by filing an FIR. She didn’t stop there. Anjali took it to Twitter and raised a request to Ola for tracking down her scooter. Furthermore, she dropped emails to all the email ids of the scooter manufacturer.

Ola Electric started tracking down the scooter’s real-time location and continued sharing it with the police. As a result, the police department was able to locate the scooter and unite Anjali with her possession a month later. She thanked the police department and Ola Electric folks on Twitter, after getting her scooter back. While Anjali’s intelligence of receiving GPS locations of the scooter from Ola Electric and sharing them with the police helped her, it was against the intentions of the thieves, who fell short to understand the tech.\

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With this incident, it is easy to understand the importance of GPS, as it continuously registered real-time location coordinates in Ola Electric’s server. And, when all of it was happening, the thieves were not even aware of the background activity that the GPS did. Notably, all variants of the Ola S1 electric scooter come fitted with the tech. In fact, a slew of new-age vehicles come factory-fitted with GPS, since it helps with navigation, geo-fencing and a host of other exercises. Also, the owners can always ask the manufacturer of their vehicle or the GPS service provider for the location coordinates of their vehicles in such instances. 

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