Girl, 9, Hangs Self In Play Act “Possibly” Gone Wrong: Hyderabad Cops

Girl, 9, Hangs Self In Play Act 'Possibly' Gone Wrong: Hyderabad Cops

The child was at home with her younger siblings and cousins when the incident took place.


The parents of a nine-year-old girl, who was found hanging by her neck in Hyderabad last week, have now raised suspicion over the circumstances of her death. The police had already registered a case of suspicious death though officials said it was likely a play-act gone wrong.

Nenavath Sreenidhi was on Tuesday (March 23) found dead after hanging by her neck at her home in Khaja Colony of Hyderabad’s Saidapet locality. The parents, who work as labourers, were not at home at the time.

The family’s neighbours said that they found her dead only after her siblings and cousins, who were present during the incident, raised an alarm. It appeared she had hanged from the ceiling with a skipping rope. Her sister had climbed a chair and cut the rope, Saidabad Police Inspector K Srinivas told NDTV.

Based on eye-witness accounts of the children, it appears the girl had for a while been staving off her younger brother from accompanying her to a temple she wanted to visit. She is said to have threatened to hang herself — and even tried it a couple of times — to put him off.

“It was possibly a playful act gone terribly wrong,” a police official said, adding that the final report based on the post mortem is now awaited.

The parents have now expressed some apprehensions, Mr Srinivas said adding that they have been told to inform the police about anything suspicious so that it could be investigated.

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