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GIFs And Game Publishers – Emerging Digital Bonds


The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) recently celebrated its 30th birthday and it predates the world-wide-web. The gif has come a long way as a form of conversation media capturing moments and occasions, building conversations using gifs to communicate with the audience. CompuServe bulletin board began as a technique to compress images with minimal data loss to its current status as an absolute mainstay of memes and internet culture.

First and foremost, let’s get one thing out of the way: it is pronounced entirely with a hard ‘G’ like in ‘gift.’ Ignore the fact that founder Steve Wilhite pronounces it “life: stands for graphics and we don’t save ‘juraphics’ around here.

So the jiff was invented to save bandwidth back when it was actually important – when our internet connections were measured in KB (56 if you are lucky) rather than MB. But in an age when you can watch the Super Bowl on a device you carry around in your pocket, why is the GIF still relevant, popular, and ubiquitous?

Let’s take a minute and step back and define what a GIF actually is: a short, looping, engaging piece of content that, when taken out of its regular context and placed in entirely different circumstances, usually makes sense as a standalone clip.

 For example, James Harden dancing looks just as good on an ESPN Instagram account as it would on a basketball-related forum. Or, according to Polygon, a guy from the giant bomb reacted to some inadvertent innuendo in a subtle but universal way, resulting in him becoming ‘the most inescapable face on the internet.’

GIFs are also addictive because they need little to no input from the viewer. GIFs play automatically, unlike videos which may take a while to load or require you to hit play (Or, in the worst-case scenario, autoplay with audio on public transportation). In an age where we are constantly bombarded with content in our Twitter feeds, WhatsApp groups and Reddit threads, the shorter a piece of content is, the more likely we are to digest it rather than scroll past it.

Gameplay GIFs: The new marketing tools

But it isn’t a simple online culture that has made the GIF a popular medium. The concept also fits well in the world of video games, especially since gaming culture has grown in popularity because of platforms like Twitch, YouTube and social media. The only way to show off anything cool that happened in a game 10 or 15 years ago was to pray that your friend was in the room at the same time; now consoles come with built-in share buttons as standard.

The GIF community has become a vital part of the gaming community and is helping both the communities to grow and strengthen. It has become the go-to format for sharing the unexpected and something incredible happens if it often shows how it is shared with the rest of the world.

I can help you Express a lot of things in a game and it can work as a key component in the marketing tool set of a game developer and their marketing team. For example, if you are loving your game or you’re experiencing trigger moments in a game and they want to share it with others you can use GIFs.

Fans were going out of their way to sell GIFs of their solutions on Reddit and Twitter, so Zach Brath the creator of the firm behind the puzzle game Opus Magnum, added a GIF exporter to the game to make it easier for players. Those GIFs created the ‘elevator pitch’ for Opus Magnum, as he defines it: concise and compelling descriptions of why the game is wonderful.

This is a critical point: your players may wish to share some gameplay, but if doing so is difficult or inconvenient, they may alter their minds or, worse, become disenchanted with the game altogether. Nobody likes to be bothered with the annoying pop-ups that take away from the pleasure of the game. 

Rather than relying on players to press ‘record’ at the right time Megacool’s SDK allows developers to detect a highlighted moment – such as few seconds before this set a new high score or at the end of a boss battle – and then serve it to the player as a GIF for them to potentially share it at a later time.

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Gameplay GIFs Virality

A Gameplay GIF has a huge chance of going viral. Community managers may encourage the sharing of GIFs through contests or the if of the week spotlight, as ZeotoLab has done with their game C.A.T.S., and sites like Kotaku and IGN frequently incorporate the most ridiculous GIFs into their articles.

GIFs are synonyms with short cool clips, remarkable credibility with their audience therefore when you start watching a GIF you expect to be entertained but in case if you are not it only lasts for a second-order right still better than wasting and are on watching something that’s not even worth it.

Many games are played to be ‘the one’ who pulls off an incredible quad-kill climb to the top of the leaderboard and then brag about it to the rest of the world.

 This is Megapool’s major goal: to assist places in getting those special moments out into the social feeds or straight to their friends via messaging services. These moments are critical for spreading the word about your game and helping it reach the tipping point where it climbs the download charts.

Happy reading peeps!

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