Giant Ship MV Ever Given Floats Again After Blocking Suez Canal For 6 Days

Watch: Giant Ship Floats Again After Blocking Suez Canal For 6 Days

Almost a week after it ran aground in Suez Canal, the giant MV Ever Given cargo ship was seen floating on the canal in one of the first video that has emerged on social media.

About 27,000 cubic meters of sand were dug out, to a depth of 18 meters, to free the ship, according to reports.

The giant vessel had been wedged diagonally across Egypt’s Suez Canal – one of the world’s most vital waterways – since March 23 leading to a long queue of more than 450 ships at the southern entrance to the trade route. 

The backlog had led to strain for global supply chains already stretched by the pandemic as the canal is a conduit for about 12% of global trade. Some ships have already opted for the long and expensive trip around the southern tip of Africa instead of Suez.

Egypt – which controls the canal – had been reportedly losing around 14 million dollar per day in revenue because of the accidental blockade.

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