Get a 50% Discount on The iPhone 12 Without An Exchange, Only for a LIMITED TIME

AT&T currently offers the iPhone 12 at half price. Curious how? Check out the complete iPhone 12 price reduction here.

Would you believe that the iPhone 12 is currently offered with a flat 50 percent discount? Indeed, that is the case! AT&T is offering the iPhone 12 at a 50% discount with no trade-in incentives. The total price of the Apple iPhone 12 is $729.99.

A monthly subscription plan is available for $20.28 per month. However, new and existing AT&T subscribers can currently receive a 50 percent discount on the iPhone 12 when they sign up for a qualifying unlimited data plan.

Importantly, the offer is only valid for a limited time. Therefore, if you’re looking for a terrific smartphone discount, this is one of those opportunities you shouldn’t pass up. To assist you, we have detailed how you can obtain an iPhone 12 discount that effectively halves the price. Also see: iPhone 14 debut imminent – is the wait worthwhile? Determine if it will suit you.

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How to Obtain a 50% Discount on an iPhone 12

Step 1: Navigate to the Mobile offers section of the AT&T website. You may find the iPhone 12 page there. Click on it.

Step 2: Select a colour and model for the iPhone 12 that you wish to purchase. The 64GB iPhone 12 model with the most basic storage capacity is available for $749.99.

Step 3: However, if you meet a few easy requirements, you can pay only $10.14 every month.

Importantly, you must sign up for an AT&T payment deal in order to receive a 50 percent discount on the iPhone 12.

Step 5: You must purchase an iPhone 12 on an eligible instalment plan, including taxes on the full retail price and an activation/upgrade cost of $30.

Then, Activate the Unlimited Postpaid wireless Service for 36 Months

Before taking any action, keep in mind that this is the iPhone 12. Apple has already released the iPhone 13 and will release the iPhone 14 in less than four months. Consider whether you would be better off waiting before purchasing. However, if the current iPhone 12 deal fulfils your needs, go ahead and purchase it.


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