FZ, R15, MT15, Apache, and Pulsar are The Top 10 Motorcycles 150cc To 200cc for April 2022

In the previous month, the Yamaha FZ was the best-selling model in this segment, with the Unicorn 160 coming in second.

Since the beginning of the calendar year, sales in the 150-200cc segment have been disappointing. In January 2022, sales were 89,509 units, but by February 2022, they had dropped to 85,470 units. The number of units sold increased to 1,05,308 in March 2022, but dropped to 67,489 in April 2022.

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Total sales in this segment fell 37.02 percent YoY from 1,07,151 units sold in April 2022, to 67,489 units last month. It was also a 35.91 percent decrease from the 1,05,308 units sold in March 2022. This drop in demand could be due to rising fuel prices, a skewed economy, and price hikes announced by a slew of two-wheeler manufacturers.

Top 10 150cc to 200cc Motorcycles in April 2022 – YoY

Typically, the TVS Apache and Bajaj Pulsar compete for first place in this segment. However, this will not be the case in April 2022. With 16,508 units sold in the previous month, the Yamaha FZ topped the top 10 sales charts, up 34.23 percent from the 12,298 units sold in April 2021. This represented a 4,210-unit increase in volume and a 24.46 percent market share. However, sales fell 28.28% month over month from 23,016 units sold in March 2022. The standard version and FZ-S variants of the Yamaha FZ are currently priced at Rs 1.09 lakh and Rs 1.18 lakh (ex-showroom), respectively.

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Unicorn 160 sales fell 20.65% year over year to 13,173 units, down from 16,602 units sold in April 2021. Sales were up 2.20 percent month over month in March 2022, with 12,889 units sold. Market share increased month over month, from 12.24 percent in March 2022 to 19.52 percent last month. The Yamaha MT15 came in third with a 62.12% YoY increase to 9,228 units sold in April 2021, up from 5,692 units in April 2021. With a 13.67 percent market share, this was a 3,536 unit volume increase. Because the MT15 was not available for purchase in March 2022, there were no units sold.

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The Yamaha R15 came in at No. 4 with 7,948 units sold, up 31.98 percent year over year from 6,022 units sold in April 2021. MoM sales increased by 37.79 percent from 5,768 units sold in March 2022, bringing market share up to 11.78 percent. Due to rising input costs, Yamaha India has increased the prices of the R15, FZS, Aerox, Fascino, and RayZR starting in May 2022.

Pulsar, Apache, Xtreme 160R

TVS Apache saw a 75.08 percent YoY decline and a 73.24 percent MoM decline to 7,342 units. In April 2021, sales were 29,458 units, and in March 2022, they were 27,439 units. TVS Apache prices have also been increased, with all variants now selling for Rs 1,12,940-Rs 2,65,000 as of June 2022. (ex-showroom).

The Hero XTreme 160R came in last on the list of best-selling motorcycles in the 150-200cc segment. Sales increased by 73.62 percent year over year and 201.36 percent month over month to 3,981 units, up from 2,293 units sold in April 2021 and 1,321 units sold in March 2022.

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Bajaj Pulsar sales fell by 88.05 percent YoY and MoM to 3,201 units in April 2021, from 26,871 units sold in April 2021, and by 87.26 percent from 25,121 units sold in March 2022. In May 2022, Bajaj Auto increased prices across the board by a maximum of Rs 4,900. Prices for the Pulsar range have risen by Rs 1,299 to Rs 4,800, depending on the variant, and now range from Rs 81,389 to Rs 1,44,979.

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XPulse 200 XPulse 200 XPulse 200 (3,179 units) In April 2022, sales of the XBlade (763 units) and Hornet 2.0 (584 units) increased year over year, while sales of the Gixxer (1,008 units) decreased year over year. Last month, 258 units of the CB200X, 174 units of the Avenger, and 142 units of the KTM200 were sold, but the Intruder received no orders.

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