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Success Story: The youngest billionaire in Britain is a fashion tycoon who claims to have asked his grandma to teach him how to sew so he could manufacture his own workout attire. Ben Francis built up a Rs 10,678 crore fortune just 11 years after launching the sportswear company Gymshark in the Birmingham garage of his parents, according to the most recent Forbes Rich List. The 30-year-old left Aston University in 2012 to concentrate entirely on his business, but he originally continued to work as a Pizza delivery boy to pay the expenses.

Love For Gym

In spite of the fact that developing a brand requires never-ending effort, Francis’ graciousness and laid-back attitude stood out to the world. Francis has adhered to the founding spirit of Gymshark, which calls for community building while maintaining humility, despite the company’s explosive expansion. It should come as no surprise that he credits his parents’ and grandparents’ example of hard work for much of his success. Francis praises the gym for helping him acquire the discipline that would later serve as the cornerstone of Gymshark. Driven by his love for fitness, Francis’ objective was to be engaged in an industry that changed his life in any capacity. Having discovered his passion at the nexus of business, IT, and fitness, he started Gymshark in 2011 at the age of just 19.

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Mix Of American-European Design

The company first focused on dropping shipping supplements, but Francis’s personal needs led to a shift in focus to clothes. He set out to establish a brand that achieved a mix between American bodybuilding style and streamlined European design after being unable to locate fitness clothing that suited him properly. The two years that followed saw him manually create goods using a sewing machine and a screen printer, which is a genuine monument to his unwavering work ethic.

Gymshark: Success Story

Following his instincts and relying on his origins as a social native led Francis to identify the most crucial time for Gymshark. Gymshark had been steadily gaining a following on YouTube, and after Ben scraped together the admission money, he was able to take the company to its first live event, a fitness expo in the UK. After the incident, Gymshark jumped from making $300–400 in income per day to $50,000 in revenue in just 30 minutes, selling out the entire website. He made the decision to leave school and his job at Pizza Hut as a result. Francis has been successful in bringing Gymshark to its current level of success through this bold attitude.

Model Wife And Lavish Lifestyle

In September 2021, the businessman married Canadian fitness influencer and model Robin. As soon as a year had passed since their wedding, they announced on social media that they were expecting twin boys. When Ben contacted her to encourage her to promote his brand on her social media, they first became acquainted through business. She moved from Canada to the UK to live with him when their romance took off. Ben and Robin have talked about being modest, but they’ve also shown viewers what life is like for celebrities. Additionally, they posted images of their opulent vacations, including one on the Australian island of K’gari. In other images, they are pictured in Dubai, where they are pictured on the beach and in an extravagant restaurant. The couple celebrated Valentine’s Day in 2017 by going on a date to Coya in Mayfair, where a bottle of wine can cost up to Rs 80,000.

Ben Francis never dreamed he would become a billionaire eleven years after he launched his company in 2012. The businessman from Birmingham founded the athletic apparel company Gymshark, which was worth billions. In 2021, Gymshark generated sales of more than $500 million. Francis retains 70% ownership of the company despite having sold 21% of it to private equity firm General Atlantic for $300 million in 2020. A brick-and-mortar store: Gymshark London, that offers workout sessions and the company’s recognizable clothing, opened its doors in 2022.

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