Free Scooty Scheme 2022: Girls will get free scooty in this state. Get more information

Scooty Yojana is a freebie. UP: Both the federal and state governments run a variety of programs to encourage young women, many of which benefit them directly. The Uttar Pradesh government has a Rani Laxmibai scheme, which will begin providing benefits to girls in the state soon. Let us explain what the UP government’s scheme is.

Free Scooty Yojana 2022: Today, girls have demonstrated their ability to succeed in a variety of fields. There was a time when girls were not allowed to read or write and were forced to help with household chores. However, the time has passed. Girls are now not only walking shoulder to shoulder with boys in school and at work, but they are also gradually gaining ground on them.

Many schemes to encourage girls are also being run by the federal and state governments, which directly benefit them. The Uttar Pradesh government has a Rani Laxmibai scheme, which will begin providing benefits to girls in the state soon. Let us explain what the UP government’s scheme is.

Under the Rani Laxmibai Yojana, meritorious girls will receive a free scooty. During the election, it was mentioned in the BJP’s manifesto.

Meritorious female students pursuing their graduation or post-graduation will receive a free scooty. This program will begin with the goal of empowering girls to become self-sufficient.

This scheme will be available to students at private universities as well as government colleges and universities. This program is expected to begin soon.

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Scooty Yojana
Scooty Yojana

As soon as the Yogi Adityanath government gives the green light, eligible girl students can apply by visiting the official website.

What documents are going to be required?

Education certificates, a bank account, a passport-size photograph, an age certificate, a domicile certificate, and an Aadhar card are all required documents for eligible female students. Aside from that, the family’s annual income should not be more than Rs 2.5 lakh.

Under this program, the government will provide financial assistance to all deserving female students in order to purchase a scooter. This sum will be directly deposited into their bank account. Getting Scooty will make going to his college a lot easier. The government hopes to connect girl students to education directly through this scooty scheme.

what are the rules of thumb

-The student is a university or college student.
He should have gotten a 75 percent in 10th/12th grade.
Aadhaar should be linked to a bank account.
Only online applications will be accepted for the scheme.
-Only female students will be eligible for the benefits.

  • No other scheme should have been utilized by the student.

What method will be used to make the selection?

The government will work on this scheme in accordance with the budget after receiving the data of all the deserving female students. The selection of female students will be based on their 12th grade grades. Post-graduation female students, on the other hand, will be judged on the basis of their graduation grades. Following that, the selected female students will be eligible for a free scooty scheme.

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