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Fraud With Online Medic Apps


Do you want to consult your medic about your health but are scared to step out of your house? This has become a usual thing during the time of covid-19. Now, going to markets or any other place induces a feeling of uneasiness and unsafety. What if an emergency takes place?

Even if it is not an emergency, people must learn to adapt to a new change. And with the spread of covid-19 infection, people have switched to online medic apps. Thus, the popularity of online medic apps has increased like online pharmacies. 

Many people are unaware of fraud online medic apps, which have made people skeptical about consulting online. Let’s talk in detail about the fraud at these apps and how to avoid them: 

  • Unregistered online medic apps: 

Many online medic apps conduct consultation with doctors, even if they are not registered to conduct health consultation under the government. According to the government, apps have to apply for registration before providing consultation to their customers. Unregistered apps are more likely to be unsafe for the customers.

You can avoid consulting through these apps by checking the registration given to these apps by the government. You can check on the portal of the government to assure about the safety of the online medic app. 

  • Uncertified doctors:

Not every online medic app provides consultation to its customers with a certified doctor. These uncertified doctors may give a false diagnosis to their customers, which may harm the customers’ health even more.

The medicines prescribed by the doctors may interfere with the body’s mechanism, which may potentially harm the patient’s health.  

Uncertified doctors of these apps may prescribe habit-forming medicines that may harm the health of patients even more. 

If you are unsure about your doctor, you can ask about the details of their education and knowledge. It is your right to be informed about the services you are getting from these online medic apps and can file a complaint if you don’t receive the same. 

  • Overcharges: 

Many apps for online medic attract customers by showing huge offers that look too good to be true. These apps only seem to charge less for their online consultation but end up charging more than usual. It makes it difficult for customers to trust apps for online consultation.

When clicking on these apps, always read about the offers carefully to avoid getting overcharged from apps.

  • Prescribes expensive medicines:

Doctors from these consultation apps prescribe medicines that are not cost-effective on the app, which makes them unaffordable for many people. They happen to charge more from the customers, even if the equivalent medicines are available on the app simultaneously. 

Search thoroughly about the medicines after receiving a prescription. 

Switch to different apps if medicines cost at an unreasonable price by these apps. 

If you are still unsure about your current online medic app, switch to the best medicine delivery app of Truemeds. 

Truemeds is the best medicine delivery app because:

  • The consultation is free of cost for everyone.
  • The best medicine delivery app is registered (RoC-Kanpur).
  • It only provides consultation from certified doctors with years of experience.
  • The online medic prescribes medicines that are affordable for everyone.

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