Former Aide Sasikala of Jayalalitha is being interrogated in the Kodanadu case.

Vivek Jayaraman, a close relative of late former Chief Minister Jayalalitha’s close aide Sasikala, was quizzed on Wednesday by the Special Investigating Team (SIT) probing the Kodanadu robbery and murder case, police said. More than 30 persons have already been questioned by the team, including the manager of Kodanadu Estate in the Nilgiris district.

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In 2017, a watchman was slain and a few documents were purportedly stolen at Jayalalithaa’s residence, which functioned as a refuge for her.


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The investigation included a nearly three-hour interrogation of Sasikala’s relatives, who were claimed to have close ties to the Kodanadu estate. KV Sayan, the main suspect in the case, Natraj, the estate manager, and police officers on duty at checkpoints when the accused fled after committing the crime have all been questioned thus far.

Apart from estate workers and other suspects, police teams have started on the duty of questioning more witnesses. During the investigation, it was discovered that C Kanagaraj, Jayalalithaa’s former driver, and Sayan had reportedly organised the crime. The case resulted in the arrest of ten people, as well as the filing of a charge sheet.

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