For goat farming, the government is offering loans up to Rs 10 lakh; find out how to apply

Hello friends, today we will talk about goat farming. By the way, let us let you know that this loan scheme is connected to a loan scheme that is in Bihar. Government is giving loan up to Rs 10 lakh for goat farming; know how to apply. The Bihar government has approved a budget of Rs 267 crore for the implementation of the goat rearing loan scheme, so let’s now understand it in detail. Goats are taken by the people for rearing.

documents necessary for the plan

Aadhar card
original caste certificate
loan amount details
Address proof
Role Description
Goat Farming Training Certification
bank account passbook
mobile number
passport size photograph

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Goat Farming Loan
Goat Farming Loan


This program is only open to Bihar permanent residents.
This means that you can only apply for the program online.

Bihar Goat Farming Loan Application Online

You must first visit its official website.

If you haven’t registered yet, do so right away.

Your Aadhar or Voter ID number can be used to register.

The password will then be sent to your mobile phone.

Enter your Aadhar number and password to log in now.

You will receive the application form following login.

You can then apply for this program after that.

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