For desktop computers, Google Lens Chrome has just become significantly more useful

Google has been integrating Lens into a variety of other apps in order to assist users in quickly locating relevant information about images. Since 2019, the tool has been integrated into the Google Chrome mobile app as the de facto method for performing image searches. Lens eventually made its way to desktop Chrome, where it took the place of the right-click reverse image search. It is currently being updated to perform functions other than image search.

When Lens first launched on desktop Chrome, right-clicking on an image displayed the option “Search image with Google Lens.” When you clicked, you were taken to the website, which displayed the image in question on the left (with the option to crop and focus), and the generated results on the right. According to 9to5Google, the new update adds three new options to the left column with the image: Search, Text, and Translate.

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Google Lens Chrome
Google Lens Chrome

Search is the default reverse image finder, with the added capability of cropping into any portion of your image. However, you now have a shortcut for “Find image source” that opens Google Images. This means that you can continue to use the original Image Search experience (which Google discontinued in favour of Lens), despite the added step. Text and Translate, on the other hand, allow you to click and select a portion of text (or the entire thing), copy, listen to, translate, or search for it. Additionally, the two tabs can be switched between, allowing you to copy text from Translate and translate words (or sentences) from Text.

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The Translate user interface is very similar to that of the mobile app. To begin, Lens detects the language automatically, though you can change it manually. It then overlays the translations on the original text and lists them on the right sidebar, where you can easily copy them. For a more robust experience, you can even open the text directly within

Users of Chrome 100 for Windows, Mac, and Chrome OS appear to be able to access the changes.

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