Fire breaks out in SpiceJet flight from Patna to Delhi, flight makes safe landing at airport

Sunday, a fire broke out aboard a SpiceJet flight from Patna to Delhi. The flight carrying numerous passengers has landed safely at Patna airport.

Patna, Bihar, is the source of big news.

A fire broke out on a SpiceJet flight between Patna and Delhi.

There are numerous passengers on board.

It is reported that the aircraft has once again landed safely at Patna Airport.

There have been no reports of casualties thus far.

It has been reported that the aircraft’s engine has caught fire.

As soon as the fire was reported, the airport administration went into high alert.

After landing, passengers are being ejected from the aircraft.

As soon as the plane took off, smoke was seen rising from one of its engines, according to the SASP of Patna.

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Following this, the plane landed safely at the airport.

According to reports, all passengers aboard the aircraft are safe.

It is currently unknown what caused the engine fire on the plane.

Outside the airport, ambulances have been dispatched so that, if necessary, medical care can be administered immediately.

Efforts are being made to extinguish the plane’s fire.

Additional fire department vehicles have been dispatched to the airport.

People saw the plane’s fire and immediately contacted the DM

Patna DM According to Chandrashekhar Singh, the Patna-Delhi flight left the airport as soon as it took off. The engine to his left ignited. People in the Phulwari Sharif region observed smoke rising from the plane in flight and immediately notified the district administration. The administration acted immediately and notified airport administration. The flight then returned to Patna airport. Locals also captured a video of the plane’s fire in flight, which is going viral on social media.

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