Find out everything about television actress Neha Sargam’s new serial Yashomati Maiya’s Nandlala

Tiwari, Aarti Neha Sargam of Patna will retell the story of Lord Krishna’s priceless relationship with Mother Yashoda. Yashoda is her character in the Sony TV series Yashomati Maiya Ke Nandlala, which premieres on June 13th.

Which of the Yashoda qualities do you possess?

I noticed in Yashoda that she becomes insecure if anyone spends even a little too much time with her child or if the child’s attention shifts away from Yashoda. I am of the same caliber. I enjoy being the center of attention. He, on the other hand, has no uneasy feelings. All she wants is to lavish all of her affection on her Krishna. She doesn’t even tell Nand about it; she just says whatever comes to mind.

What was it about the show that you first learned about or that the audience will learn about?

Obviously, we’ve known about Yashoda and Shri Krishna since we were children. I’ve heard about Lord Shiva appearing in disguise as a sage to see Balakrishna. Yashoda was apprehensive about joining Lord Shiva and Shri Krishna. When this scene occurred, I was yelling at him a lot. Mother, I have been doing penance for a thousand years,” Shiva says. I will not leave without receiving darshan. After listening to him, I’m confident that I can keep the door shut as well. Yashoda is only now being revealed to them. I didn’t feel like I was scolding Shivji enough during the scene. When I inquired about him, I was told that Yashodaji was unaware of his existence. You chastise vehemently. There are numerous examples of this.

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Neha Sargam image
Neha Sargam image

What have you done to get ready for the show?

My initial focus was on the fact that I do not appear to be speaking in an artificial manner when I deliver the dialogue. Because when we speak and think in a different language, the time it takes to translate changes the entire game. This is something that takes time to master. My goal was to try to think in Braj’s dialect so that when I said something, it sounded alive. My dialect is similar to Braj because I am from Bihar. Apart from that, I found it very easy to play this character because of my natural speaking style.

What’s your relationship like with the actor portraying Balakrishna?

Aarya is her name, and she feels more connected to me in real life because I can’t caress her like Neha does in front of the camera, so Grace and Mother Yashoda have to adopt. Yashoda recognizes her outfit when I walk up to her, but she doesn’t react in the same way. We shoot according to his mood and desire, and the association develops gradually.

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