Fill the amazing Mileage tank and reach Delhi to Ladakh, know the Features

Budget Bike: In India, the popularity of Value for Money and Budget Bikes has never waned. One of these is the Bajaj Platina 110, which is not only affordable but also equipped with a number of useful features. Its mileage is so high that it can travel from Delhi to Ladakh on a single tank.

Value for Money Bike: The most popular vehicles among Indian customers should be low-cost and low-cost bikes. Customers in this area want vehicles that are well-priced, have a lot of features, and get good gas mileage. Today, we’re going to tell you about a motorcycle that looks a lot like it. Yes, we’re talking about the Bajaj Platina 110, which has received a lot of positive feedback from Indian customers. For just Rs 1,200, you can travel from Delhi to Ladakh on this bike with excellent mileage and a low price. Although this is a difficult route, reaching Leh via Manali is not difficult in the summer.

Bajaj Platina 110
Bajaj Platina 110

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When the tank is full, straighten it out. Ladakh

Tourists spend thousands of rupees on this journey; even taking the bus to Ladakh costs much more, whereas riding a motorcycle saves you a lot of money on this journey. The distance between Delhi and Leh is approximately 970 kilometres, and if you leave after filling up your gas tank here, you will not need to fill up again until you arrive in Ladakh. This bike’s fuel tank is 11 litres, and it gets 84 kilometres per gallon. In this case, it will cost you only Rs 1,200 to travel from Delhi to Leh at today’s rate.

Single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 115.45 cubic centimetres

The Bajaj Platina 110 is the first motorcycle in the segment to be equipped with an antilock braking system, or ABS, and it is available in only one variant. With this bike, Bajaj Auto has included a 115.45 cc single-cylinder engine with air-cooling technology. This engine produces 8.6 PS of power and 9.81 Nm of peak torque, and it comes with a 5-speed gearbox from the manufacturer.

ABS with a single channel

The motorcycle’s front wheel has a disc brake, while the rear wheel has a drum brake, and the company has equipped the bike with single-channel ABS. This is the primary reason for the motorcycle’s high selling price in terms of mileage. The Platina 110, according to Bajaj Auto, can travel 84 kilometres per litre of gasoline, according to ARAI certification.

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