Features and Advantages of Dome Security Cameras


All business owners spend a lot of money setting up their business. Consider the thousands of dollars spent to develop the property and add other factors, such as office furniture and equipment, and it’s not hard to see why business owners place such a high value on their investment.

Considering the huge amount of money they have poured into the development of their business, these owners go out of their way to ensure that their investment is safe. In fact, business owners fear losing their investment in a robbery. In a matter of minutes, crafty thieves can make off with thousands of dollars worth of valuables. Unethical employees may steal confidential company papers, download programs that shouldn’t be downloaded, or simply do something against company rules while superiors or the boss

To protect against these potential violations, owners invest in surveillance systems to monitor and record the activities, internal or external, that occur in their establishments. One of these methods is the installation of high-tech security equipment in their buildings. This can range from motion sensors to alarms that trigger infrared beams.

One of the most common surveillance systems is a security camera. And one of the most popular types are security dome cameras. As the name suggests, these cameras are shaped like domes. They are compact enough to fit into a basic light socket.

All dome security camera are PTZ systems, pan initials, tilt and zoom. That means the dome cameras can move, or pan, left and right, or tilt, which means, move left and right, to make the movement a full 360-degree. The camera can also zoom in or out on selected areas. Therefore, dome cameras can cover large areas (with wide-angle views) or they can target small areas (with narrow-angle views).

When connected to a computer system via a high-quality DVR card, dome cameras can be programmed to monitor the scene or use alarm triggers to allow it to move. For example, dome cameras can be programmed to sweep an area every ten minutes.

Another interesting feature of dome cameras is their zoom mode. Magnification does not require moving parts or moving the lens. Zooming is done electronically, a sophisticated technology similar to camera wiring. The absence of mechanical parts makes the whole package cohesive.

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