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Amrita Rao welcomed her first child, baby boy Veer, six months ago and since then it has been a beautiful journey for the new mommy. The couple has been hands-on parents and the actress even shared a video of her husband fulfilling daddy duties while enjoying it to the fullest. 

Amrita in an interview revealed all the details of her motherhood journey and experience.

It’s been six months since you and Anmol welcomed Veer, how has been parenthood journey so far?

It’s been full of learning actually, you learn every second as a parent. My husband’s decision kind of planned route for me to be a hands-on mom. So, we decided to be hands-on parents. I think it’s been extremely hectic but very, very satisfying.

Do you think the tips and suggestions you get during pregnancy are they actually practical once you give birth to the baby and are on your own?

So I watched a lot of YouTube videos to see what other moms had to say. But I guess when you step into it, it’s completely a new learning game. I mean, some tips are helpful, and especially because there’s been no staff around no caretakers, nobody. It’s been just me Anmol, it’s been a first-hand learning experience, which I’m going to really cherish in my life. I would like to document my experience and share it with a lot of people. So I’m looking forward to that.

What are the baby duties which you both have distributed among yourselves?

We have neatly divided the duties. I do the night duties like I am awake to feed the baby. We have decided to feed the baby only mom’s milk. In the morning, then the duties kind of exchange so Anmol loves to give the baby bath. That’s like his thing and that’s something he wanted to do from even before Veer was born. He was like ‘I would want to give him my baby bath every day’. Yeah, so he gives the baby bath. Massage is something we both kind of exchange hands.

What else? Yeah, Anmol likes to take some prodigy classes for the baby. So that’s why he does because this is the time you have to interact with the baby the most. So he does some special classes. I play with the baby, I sing songs. I’m like the entertainer.

Who decided on the name Veer for the baby?

Well, we have thought of another name, actually. But then there was some change in plans (laughs) Anmol wanted to call him Veer, so we decided on it. I guess the baby was destined to have the name Veer.

Has lockdown been a blessing in disguise while looking after a newborn baby?

Completely, I think because Anmol can work from home even now, it’s been a huge support to me. I have understood that we make such a big deal of Mom, Mom, mom, I think we forget that there is a mother and every father also, mom is the ultimate word. I guess in every dad, there is a mom.

I would like to say this, that. Think as I dive into motherhood, I think that a father’s contribution is equally important. Men should realize this, that it’s not just handing over the baby, to the mom, it’s not only a mom’s responsibility or a wife’s responsibility, it’s an equal thing. The more support a woman gets from the man in the house, to support the child, to take care of the child in everything, right from taking the kids to the doctor, vaccination to everything. It’s needed, it’s required. I won’t say it good or bad, it’s a must to father must contribute equally, if they want to be fathers. If they want to step into Parenthood.

Luckily for me, I would really give Anmol 100 on 100 on that, because from day one, he has been keeping these medical files in place, when is the date of going for doctor visits, everything is actually taken over so beautifully. That has been a huge benefit for me.

Did you have baby blues after giving birth?

Yes, with no house help around, we did not even have the maid during the lockdown. So that threw everybody off balance. You have to do things that you were not used to. My family’s really stepped in to help. Also, I planned for a C section delivery. So, post that you’re not physically strong enough to carry the baby and move around for at least three months, do a lot of things by yourself. So at that time, you really need the help of your husband, in my case, it was Anmol, my mom or his mom because, without that, you can’t plan a C section and deliver. Yes, you get thrown out a little bit, mentally, it’s like a shock. Suddenly you get all shook up because your life is not about yourself, you can do anything you want to do at your will or your time. Even drinking a cup of tea is impossible because now it’s all about manoeuvring your life and your time table and clock around the baby’s requirements. So yes, it is a shock and initially when you’re recovering from your surgery, you do get all worked up and stressed, especially the night duties, it all comes up. Then the pandemic really added to that. But each day as it comes, family support, a positive husband has really helped. I have a wonderful baby too, actually.

It’s been just six months but is there anything that Veer did and you were totally surprised?

I remember the first time we took the baby for vaccination. I was more petrified than anybody else. I didn’t want to see him getting that shot because I didn’t know how the reaction would be. I have heard of babies howling and being in pain after that. So I decided to hide myself a little bit behind Anmol. I didn’t see him getting the shot, which was not the best thing because the baby really started crying. He could see all these strange doctors giving him a shot. But then the minute I showed my face to him, he looked at me and he stopped crying. There was such a big relief on his face. This was when he was just, I think, one and a half months maybe. They are so small that you really don’t know if they can identify with you, relate to you and recognize you. But that was my mom moment. Actually, I was in shock and everyone else too. I was like ‘oh my god, he recognizes me and that’s my mother’, that was my reaction. So I think that was a moment I will never forget.


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