Fans Wonder if Jasmin and Aly Married after seeing her in Chooda in a new Photo

In her latest Instagram post, Jasmin Bhasin wore chooda (bridal bangles). Many people were curious if she married Aly Goni, but one fan clarified that the photo was taken while she was filming a music video.

Jasmin Bhasin, a television actor, posted a photo of herself on the beach to Instagram. With white sneakers, she wore a grey corduroy shirt and mauve pants. For the camera, she flashed a big smile. She captioned her photo, “Shining and Smiling.”

Jasmin’s chooda was what drew the crowd’s attention (bridal bangles). Many people were curious as to whether she and her boyfriend, Aly Goni, had secretly married. One inquired, “Omg the bangles… Did you and Aly get married?” However, an Instagram user clarified that the image was a behind-the-scenes shot from her music video Pyaar Karte Ho Na, in which Mohsin Khan also appeared.

Jasmin received a lot of support from her fans. “For the 101927374929th time, I fell for this smile,” one user wrote. “How did you end up here?” Another person stated, “I mean, angel doesn’t live here.”

Jasmin and Aly
Jasmin and Aly

Aly hinted last month that he and Jasmin might be getting married. He experimented with an Instagram filter that foretold the date of his wedding. In his first attempt, he got ‘never,’ but in his second attempt, he got ‘in a few days.’ He wrote’soon’ in the caption of the video he shared on Instagram Stories. In the background, he added the song “Band Baaja Baaraat.”

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Jasmin and Aly had been best friends for a long time before he entered Bigg Boss 14 to be a pillar of strength for her. On the show, their relationship shifted, and they began dating shortly after it ended.

Jasmin stated in a season two episode of Ladies Vs Gentlemen that she is not a jealous person and that she would consider herself ‘lucky’ if others found her man attractive. “I am okay with it,” she said when asked how she’d react if other women flirted with Aly. My man understands what he can and cannot do. I’m not jealous because he won’t cross them.”

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