Facebook will offer ‘prostitution services’ in the future


Facebook will offer ‘prostitution services’ in the future

Facebook appears to be tweaking the Relationship Status feature and its settings to reduce breakup issues. The social media platform does not want people to unfriend or hinder each other just because they are no longer involved.

Facebook: the new appointment doctor

The adjustment, which works both ways, will not only allow you to reveal a lot less to your ex-lover, but give him or her the same privilege, the company reported via a blog post. Basically, the feature plans to limit how much the ex-lovers could see and make sure the celebrations included staying close friends.

Facebook Prostitution

This feature is currently in the testing phase and is also limited to Facebook’s mobile system and only available to individuals in America for now. The set of tools, collectively classified as ‘relax’, can be presented to several other customers based on the responses Facebook gets. Those interested in exploring can access the tools by visiting the “Help Center”. The social media site company has not discussed whether the changes affected by the tools are relatively easy to fix.

Is Facebook not getting too involved?

Now what, Mark Zuckerberg? Are you going to make sure that users can find escorts on the website to fulfill their sexual needs? This move is a bit too drastic and it’s not like Facebook is a dating platform. There are many other services where people can process their breakup.


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