If you are considering Instagram for marketing, it is essential to stay on top of the latest trends. In recent years, Instagram has become the most influential weapon for business marketing and advertising. With a large user base, it provides the world of opportunities for your brand and level up your business in today’s competitive market. Moreover, to make your business journey more wonderful with Instagram, you focus on the latest Instagram trends. Most people always like to stick with the trends, and following up on the trends will make sense to build a strong Instagram presence. If you are serious about gaining more likes and followers, equip yourself with the trends. Here are some trends that you have to incorporate in your social media strategy to increase engagement, get more followers, and earn more revenue from this platform.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are the very first Instagram trend that you have to implement in your strategy. Now, with the rising users, Instagram stories have become the backbone of Influencer Marketing. No matter the number of followers of your brand on Instagram, where videos in your stories will boost engagement. Realizing its impact among customers, 78% of brands start to post Instagram stories of an average of 5 stories per day. According to recent studies, posting Instagram stories frequently will ensure a retention rate of 70%. In addition, you can buy Instagram views from a reputable Instagram story views provider like Trollishly to further increase engagement.

Use Reels On Instagram

Instagram Reels was introduced in August 2020, and now it has started gaining more traction. It allows you to create and edit 15-second videos. Instagram Reels are more similar to TikTok, and there is no surprise that it is as popular as TikTok. While uploading the videos, you can use the features to keep the content fresh and update to boost engagement. In addition, Instagram Reels help share the informational content with your audience, which can leverage your business.

Instagram Carousel

Carousel posts are trending on Instagram, enabling you to post more photos or videos or a combination of both. An image can explain more than words, where carousel posts are the best way to showcase your product. When you are posting images at different angles will grab the attention of your followers. It will help your audience get more insight into your brand, and adding contextualization will encourage more conversions. Use the Instagram carousel posts to promote your brand, magnify your reach, and generate more revenue. Moreover, utilize top paid service like Trollishly to make your posts more visible.

Instagram Live

Instagram Live is skyrocketing in the market, and its usage has been increased to gain more interaction. Using Instagram Live with a successful strategy will create a strong impact on social media networks and build a community. In addition, Instagram Live will help you promote your brand in a creative way and keep you on track with your customer’s journey. 

Explore Tab Of Instagram

The Explore tab on Instagram will help users to keep them for as long as possible. Instagram publishes a new and exciting feature to improve engagement. Well, the Explore tab is a user-friendly and interesting place to improve visibility. More than 40% of business accounts use the explore tab twice a month to boost their brand recognition and reach among massive audiences.

In-App Shopping

These days, online shopping is rapidly growing alongside Instagram users. There is no denying that adding shopping features on Instagram will provide more opportunities for eCommerce businesses. Consumers come across the different stages of the shopping funnel, and this platform constantly introduces new features to cater to the customers’ needs. According to studies, 70% of shoppers use Instagram to discover products, and more than 130 million users learn about the products on the shopping feature. More shoppers are using Instagram, so there is no wonder that an in-app shopping feature on Instagram starts trending.


IGTV is one of the important trends gaining more popularity, and you have to watch out for it in 2021. With the rapidly increasing popularity, it allows brands to advertise on long video formats. With the innovative features, IGTV is more attractive to produce quality IGTV content and make more money with advertisements. If you are a startup, it helps your business by increasing visibility and brand awareness. As per the report, IGTV content receives advertisement revenue like YouTube. It will make Instagram stay ahead of the competition and increase revenue.

Wrapping It Up

These are some Instagram trends that you should know in 2021. Don’t be afraid to try new things on Instagram. Try innovative things to make your content refreshed and improve the visibility of your brand. Well, with the above information, craft your Instagram marketing strategy and stay ahead of your competitors.

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