Ever Seen Blue Ginger? This Unique Pic Of Ginger Will Surprise You

Ginger is an essential ingredient in Indian cooking. It is used extensively in various dishes and adds a unique flavour and aroma to the food. Ginger is known for its pungent, spicy, and slightly sweet taste and usually comes is light brown or beige tones. The outer skin of fresh ginger root is light brown, while the inside is a lighter shade of yellow or beige. While the colour of ginger can vary depending on the variety and age of the ginger root, have you ever seen ginger that is blue in colour? Recently, Angellica Aribam, a political activist, saw ginger that was deep blue in colour.

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Angellica took to Twitter to share a photo of this unique type of ginger. In the photo, we can see two pieces of half-cut ginger that are deep blue from the inside. “I have never seen a blue ginger in my 20 years of cooking. Is this normal?” read the caption of the tweet. Take a look at her tweet here:

Since being shared, the photo has received 17.7K views and 111 likes so far. This tweet has caught the attention of netizens as they were surprised to see this unique type of ginger. Some people also pointed out that ginger turns blue when stored in a cold environment. One person shared a similar picture of blue ginger and wrote, “These are widely grown in Mizoram.”

“It is black ginger – also called Thai ginseng – the plant looks very similar so the farmer may have thought it was regular ginger while harvesting. Has some medicinal properties. Not as popular as black turmeric,” read another comment.

A third person jokingly wrote, “Maybe the ginger had got a blue subscription recently for its authentication.” “Happens when it is grown or stored in a cold environment,” added another.

A fifth comment read, “It happens if it’s stored in cold temperatures for long. Will taste milder than regular ginger. Just smell it and check for mould though.”

What do you think of this blue ginger? Have you ever seen it? Do let us know in the comments below.

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