Emraan Hashmi Is The King Of Romantic Music, According To B Praak

B Praak, a singer, and Emraan Hashmi, an actor, will collaborate on a music video that will be released in 2022.

For the first time, Emraan Hashmi and B Praak have collaborated to create a new music video for their fans and viewers.

Following the success of ‘Filhaal,’ this is B Praak’s second collaboration.

B Praak is known for his soulful voice and music, while Hashmi is known for his charm in romantic films. Jaani, who is also a songwriter and composer, will write the song’s lyrics.

This will be Hashmi’s latest single, following his last song, ‘Lut Gaye,’ and the actor expresses his thoughts on it, revealing his response when asked for this song.

B Praak and Emraan Hashmi

“Around three years ago, while driving in my car, I heard B Praak’s song Mann Bharrya and was completely enthralled by it,” Hashmi says. I’m completely enamoured with the song. Now, when I got a call from DRJ Records and they told me about this song that was being directed by B Praak and Jaani, I immediately said yes.”

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“I always wanted to do a song with Emraan because he is a hit machine and the King of romantic music,” B Praak says of his first collaboration with Hashmi.

Jaani reveals that he always wanted Hashmi to sing this song and that he wrote it with him in mind. “When I was writing the lyrics, I was talking to B Praak about Emraan, and once we finished composing the song, we were certain that Emraan would be featured in it,” he says.

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Raj Jaiswal produced the song through his music label DRJ Records, with Jaani writing the lyrics. B Praak contributed his vocals to the song. The song was written by Jaani and B Praak and features Emraan Hashmi. In 2022, the video will be released.

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